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If you haven't checked out Nightjar yet, then what are you even doing? located in Al Serkal Avenue this cafe is total vibe serving artisanal coffees, mouthwatering dishes and sweet treats that are to die for! Nightjar never fails to keep up their groovy atmosphere with live DJ’s spinning some sick beats throughout the week.

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Shifaa Alsairafi
Shifaa Alsairafi
April 6, 2023
Love this place! One of my favorite spots in Dubai by far. The food and the service are always great. I was a bit disappointed when they took out the Mac and cheese ud83eudd7a it was my favorite thing on the menu and hope they bring it back. I also wish they opened a bit later.
Harith Samarawickrama
Harith Samarawickrama
March 26, 2023
u2014u2014- 26/March/2022nThings has been changed. So I revised my review from 2* to 5*nnu2014-//u2014nnAttitude from bartender to waiters. This is not one day experience. I have been 4 times and I experienced similar approach each time so I thought leave my comment here to improve the service and guests experience!nBtw food and interior is nice.
Sami Barqawi
Sami Barqawi
March 24, 2023
Oh itu2019s always a treat to come to Nightjar.nnScrumptious coffee, diverse food menu with interesting flavours, the funkiest tunes in Dubai and awesome staff.nnVisit for a morning coffee, lunch or business meeting, this place will leave a lasting memory for those you bring.
Sam Mo
Sam Mo
March 17, 2023
NightJar will always be a fav! Great staff, itu2019s great seeing inclusive hiring. Wonderful atmosphere, with the dim lighting and sparkle lights. Excellent music! Their coffee is grand, but the best thing on the menu has to be their chicken in gravy dish ud83dudc45 ud83dudca6
Jazz Stephen Cheng
Jazz Stephen Cheng
November 20, 2023
I love their coffee and their hibiscus cold tea!nThe staffs are always helpful and friendly.nThe house cured beef sandwich was great, but could be too salty to some people.
Ian Boak
Ian Boak
November 7, 2023
Went for coffee and lunch. Very contemporary place in an unusual but cool place. Great drinks and nice lunch. Definitely worth a visit
Rukku Sumayya
Rukku Sumayya
November 5, 2023
Beautiful ambience and great food. This a perfect spot to sit unwind and relax. You can also bring your laptop here and work aka this place has a work friendly ambience
July 9, 2023
I really love Nightjar. The music and the vibe are amazing. From their menu my favorites are the Salted beef sandwich and the Jaffa shake. Something I think they can improve is the double fried potatoes, not crispy and no well seasoned.
Taha Zubairi
Taha Zubairi
July 2, 2023
Pretty cool place, great coffee/atmosphere. I wrote a suggestion to play a song - they said they would - but then didn't. It was a pretty crude song though so I don't blame them. But would've been pretty cool of them to go along with it.



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