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Nezesaussi Grill Dubai Marina

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About Nezesaussi Grill Dubai Marina

Make this football season extra special for your loved ones by taking them to Nezesaussi in Address Dubai Marina. Spend memorable moments over a thrilling game with great offers on your favorite nibbles and beverages.

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Milad Issa
May 31, 2023
We loved the Libanista night, nice music great ambiance but they need to work on the quality of the food, it is below average, we only enjoyed the nachos and we had to pay extra for 1 spoon of tasteless guacamole sauce. We would 100% go to watch the band or a football match but not for the food.
June 22, 2023
We went to Nezassausi to watch a football match. They have one huge screen as well as several small screens showing different matches. For a sports bar they served a wide selection of international dish, and we ordered the chicken wings, prawn curry, grilled seabass. The chicken wing came in a hot, sizzling iron plate and was very delicious. The prawn curry was served with white rice rice, pickles and yogurt dip. It had creamy, coconut gravy and was very tasty. The seabass fillet was fresh, its portion huge and they served it with sauteed asparagus and mushroom. For dessert, we shared one Apple Berries Crumbles which was really good. The softly baked apple pieces mixed with nutty-crispy crumbles, fresh berries and vanilla sauce. The portion was big enough for two people to share. The staff was pretty fast and friendly and we had overall positive experience.
Issa Eid
January 4, 2023
A nice place to watch a match, quietly, as itu2019s not a loud lounge/bar. Many screens available with the big screen hosting the biggest games. Surprisingly, the food was amazing!!! The chicken wings were unbelievable. I would for sure want to try the rest of the menu. My only feedback is the seating. There is a better way to organize for maximum coverage, and more comfortable seats than hard wooden stools. The place definitely needs a refresh with comfortable seating. But overall, a nice place ud83dudc4dud83cudffc
August 30, 2023
Its a good sports bar. The decoration and ambience is nice. There are a lot of tv screens so you can watch the game at any corner. The food and drinks selection is not a lot but their prices are quite reasonable if you compare it from other sports bar.n--------nDear Mr. Omar,nnIn response to you asking to elaborate my experience on why I rated 4 stars is because of an instance that the manager told us that there's a minimum order required. We went to the bar to watch a football game and ordered a beer for each. When we saw the sign that the bar and pub is closed and only the restaurant is open, we asked the manager if we need to order food but he said no, so we just enjoyed our beer while watching the game. But the manager keeps coming back to us and asking us if we need more beer even if he saw that our bottles are not yet empty and he did this 3x during the span of the game which was quite an interruption from the game and is annoying. The 3rd time he came back at us was to inform us that there was a minimum order required, this was quite a surprise since nobody mentioned it from the start. We asked for the manager because we weren't aware that he was the manager and we reasoned that he should've informed this from the start and we even asked if we need to order food. In the end, the manager didn't insist we order more. For us, it wasn't also an issue if there was minimum order if we were informed from the start. It could've save him time to keep coming back and interrupting us watching the game.nnI hope you can read this since there was no email provided where I can send a reply.
Glen Alpha
February 25, 2023
It was an unplanned visit, recommended by my friend. Very friendly staff at the reception and as well in the restaurant. They have very good promotions. Must try lamb chops and their signature burger. Happy drinking.

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