Multi-award-winning Masti, which translates to ‘fun and mischief’ infuses modern with tradition and color with flavor, creating an expression of ‘New India’. Our array of Indian-inspired sharing plates take cues and influence from a variety of global flavors.

With some of the most talented mixologists at the helm, Masti offers cocktails that simply can’t be experienced anywhere else. With our focus on Gin, we are proud to house one of the biggest collections of Gins in the city.  Experience a curated Gin tasting experience to dive deep into the World of Gin history, infusions, and scents. Our award-winning signature cocktails alongside live music make MASTI a unique experience, to say the least.

From the mind of award-winning chef Prashant Chipkar, the Masti menu offers a reinterpretation of Indian cuisine, designed to share.  From small plates to entire culinary journeys for two. Dishes such as The Black Bass Ceviche, a Masti take on a Peruvian classic with lime, jalapeno, and crispy Plantain, offering a mouthwatering combination OR the Bhatti Merguez delivers a heady mix of African and Indian flavors with succulent lamb, caramelized onion, and a chili garlic masala.

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