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Trident Tower, Shockwave, and Blackout are only a few of the record-breaking rides and attractions at Aquaventure Waterpark. Get the best out of your vacation by staying at The Palm, which is located next to Atlantis. The massive amusement park has 79 rides spread over three buildings, 26 aquatic and watersport experiences, private beaches, cool waterslides, and children's play areas for visitors of all ages. You will participate in old favourites like the Leap of Faith, a 27.5-meter plunge into a transparent tunnel surrounded by sharks and rays, or attempt one of the park's many adrenaline-pumping events like zip-lining. Visitors can swim confidently with sharks or hand–feed friendly cow–nose stingrays for an even more thrilling encounter. While several of the park's 105 slides require children to be taller than 1.2m, the Splashers Children's Play Area, a labyrinth of kid-friendly tunnels, tubes, slides, and climbing frames, will entertain little kids. In-house guests of Atlantis, The Palm have free access, although visitors must purchase regular passes.

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Judith David
September 8, 2023
The waterpark itself is great. It's huge and you need more than one day if you wanna try all the slides. We went in a week day in early summer and we waited 15-30 minutes for each slidenThey do have a very fun lazy river which is my favorite ridenThey also have a very nice beach and a couple of kids pool with easy slidesnIt is very safe with plenty of lifeguard everywherenPlenty of food, juice and ice cream places as wellnWe didn't have a great experience chucking in, it is chaotic and for some reason you need to validate your online booked ticket before you can enter so plan for an extra 30-60 minutes for entry
Joshua Longmoor
September 1, 2023
A fantastic water park, one of the best I've been to. Neptune's tower is really good. Terror, blackout and medusa Mat slide were our favourites of that tower. Leap of faith is still really fun along with Poseidon revenge.nnThe river rapids ride wasn't fully open so we couldn't go around the whole park as we had done years prior. This meant that we had to walk or get the buggy up to the other towers.nnThe park needed suncream dispensers and water fountains put into the park for health and safety reasons. The stone floor covering the water park is very hard and very hot so hot that you need to run or run to shade. Or wait and catch the buggy bus. The park does provide free water shoes but really they are socks and they do get holes from the heat so you will need to change them at least once. I would highly recommend that you bring your own proper water shoes. Lots of lifeguards which was good to see. This is a world class water park just needs a few little touches and it would be ranked 1.
Yonatan Rosenberg
August 26, 2023
Best water park i have ever been too!nnThe slides are the best and the food is not too expensive. Highly recommend you buy a water proof case to take videos and pictures.nnPro tip: near some slides there are screens that show how long is the waiting time.
Akshaj Kumar
Akshaj Kumar
May 25, 2023
This place is just wow!nThere are humongous rides in this.nWARNING:nDo not waste your time in the rides named Surge and Leap Of Faith.nThere are way many thrilling rides to experience in this place. Make sure you plan your rides properly and not get missed out on the better rides on the cost of the 2 rides mentioned above.nI missed out on many amazing rides due to longer queue in the Surge.nOverall, best place to enjoy the whole day.
Fahldeela Salie
May 16, 2023
If you into water sports or even want to chill on the beach then this is a MUST venue to do. Lovely restaurants inside the hotel area just before entering the water park . The aquarium is a must for the kiddies. Just love that the staff are extra friendly 😄 especially Meghan of the dancing crew . The random fun activities to do with the staff is Super Fun!!! . Ask at Service desk what time they are happening and where. Take plenty of sun block and slip slops is a must. The walk ways get very hot in the afternoon sun. Water is handed out randomly for free , which is a huge bonus .
Marzouq Alghanim
May 8, 2023
Genuinely a fantastic experience for the kids and adults, who doesn't love a Waterpark. For an amazing time we prebooked the dolphin experience and the kids loved it totally. Be sure to book ahead and make sure that you get the fast pass.nnAnd honestly there isn't enough time in one day to finish all the attractions in Aquaventure Park, and don't forget the Aquarium which is worth seeing. Try to plan ahead for times there is less of a crowd, we were lucky with that.
Hannah Oneill
Hannah Oneill
February 25, 2023
We arrived without our tickets as we had forgot his mobile phone and we are very anxious. We were served by June who was so professional and efficient and managed to find our booking.nnShe was so :-), happy and endearing she took us to a dolphin experience in a taxi and discussed what areas to go and at what times.nnA complete asset to the company I would not want to have been served by anybody else as she completely made our visit special
Arash Sadri
Arash Sadri
November 27, 2023
if you go to Dubai and miss this place your trip is not complete...do not waste your time in malls and such places!nbook online for your entrance+locker+food(if u wish) is something that will help you start the fun faster. every game has it's special experience...safe place for all people and kids, also try to buy swim shoes because the ground can be very hot because of sun heath.
Hussain Rasheed
September 16, 2023
A very clean water park. You have many slides. Some are for kids and other for people who enjoy more adrenaline.nWent in March 2021, a perfect time since the temperature was just right. Best to come around the time of the opening so you can choose the best spotnFantastic way to spend a summer day with family. There are quite a few thrilling rides, and the cool water provides a great escape from the heat. Highly recommend it.
William Piper
August 28, 2023
A great way to escape the heat of Dubai. Grounds are kept up very nice, and the staff are always willing to lend a friendly hand. My only complaint is that a large portion of park has been closed this summer for maintenance reasons. Otherwiseu2026some great slides and attractions!
Yewande Ikuyeju
August 17, 2023
I am especially lost of words ud83dude31... If you haven't been to this water park I mean what are you waiting for?... definitely put it on your to do list if you ever plan of visiting Dubai but make sure to go with a proper swim wear else your fun maybe limited cause I made same mistake first time I was there. Also go with your portable water if you do not plan on buying. But trust me it's such a beautiful experience. I am also giving it a five star.
Ro Na
May 23, 2023
We had so much fun! Staffs were so friendly and informative. Even some rides were on renovation we still manage to enjoy. What i like the most is the washroom/changing room/toilets! Clean and does not stink. They even give free dental kit. ud83dudc4dud83dudc4dud83dudc4d
Jonathan Doro
April 28, 2023
My wife and I had a wonderful and unique experience at Aquaventure. My wife hurt her ankle on one of the rides, and was met with incredible care from Lorenzo, one of the medical attendants. After supplying us with a field assessment and remedy, he arranged transportation to the lockers and back to our hotel in addition to a wheelchair to reach our room. While we were bummed to have ended early with a hurt ankle the team went above and beyond to ensure we were supported.nn- other tip - some of rides around the park lacked signage resulting in us getting lost.
Vinicius Mareze
February 20, 2023
Best waterpark. Last time was 5 years ago and today the experience was great, as if it was the first time. My kids were crazy with some many options of slides and what to do. We also saw some new attractions that will open next month. Excited to come back to check out. I also would like to point how friendly are the staff. I strongly recommend.

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