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Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

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At Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, learn about life in Old Dubai during the mid-nineteenth century. This district, which is located along the Dubai Creek, is a significant heritage spot, with most of the original infrastructure still intact.

Popular wind towers made of stone, teak, gypsum, palm wood, and sandalwood just make up a small part of Al Fahidi's heritage. Every winding alley, twisted pathway, and swaying tower tells a tale of life before the seven emirates.

Discover a variety of cultural festivals, museums, art galleries, special occasions, and traditional cuisine by following the twisting streets. Check out the Dubai Calendar to make sure you don't miss any upcoming events in the area, particularly the Sikka Art Fair and Heritage Week.

There are more than 50 'rooms' to see. Begin your tour of the district at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, where you can take a culturally engaging tour. There's also the interesting Coins Museum, which showcases over 470 rare coins and sheds light on the monetary systems of the British Empire, India, and other countries in the area prior to independence.

The Symposium House and Events House, which host cultural events and heritage-related programs such as demonstrations by local craftsmen, are two other highlights. Make a point of visiting the Calligraphy House (Dar Al Khatt), which specializes in Arabic calligraphy and all things related to this artistic art form. Visit the Municipality House, which is a stunning example of typical Dubai architecture.

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