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Dusit Thani Dubai unveils a new culinary street in Dubai Introducing an authentic Asian street-style dining experience in an iconic 5-star setting. In the midst of the bustle and excitement of this diverse dining destination, work your way around the country. At Kim's Korean, Lucy Wong's, Momo San, and Chatakana, savor sizzling Asian dishes and bold flavors; at Mario's, savor Italian favorites; and at Ali's, savor Arabic delicacies. With views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai's breathtaking skyline, you can drink and dine in style.

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Rabih A El Zein
October 9, 2023
Work your way around the world amid the bustle and energy of this eclectic dining destination. Sample sizzling dishes and bold flavours from Asia at Kim’s Korean, Lucy Wong’s, Momo San and Chatakana; indulge in Italian favourites at Mario’s and Arabic delicacies at Ali’s. Drink and dine with views of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s stunning skyline.
allplatforms busuk
August 15, 2023
Was a last min decision to have the Friday seafood night buffet. It was an excellent choice. Enjoyed the wide variety of sushi and fresh grilled fish served. Apart from that we could have Arabic and Indian cuisine too. Our servers Natasha and Roche were very accommodating as well.nKeep in mind the Dusit is a non alcoholic venue since Jan 2022.
Myla Cempron
August 12, 2023
We had the best time celebrating our anniversary here at the 24th St.! Great ambiance and wide selection of scrumptious food. Highly recommended! Thank you Param, Gaurang and Nischia for the excellent service.
Nuru Baabde
July 22, 2023
My husband took me there for my Birthday. First I must say that the ambience and the vibes of the restaurant was Lovely.nWe went for the Asian Night buffet which is AED 159 per person, however if you intend to use Zomato Pro or any vouchers the price is AED 269 (without beverages). We went ahead with the AED 159 per person (cost more effective than using Zomato Pro).nThe buffet included sushi - which was amazing - I could have had only sushi the entire night … but really wanted to have a taste of the other dishes. Only negative point on the sushi station was there was no Shrimp Sushi.nNext stop was the salad bar... Truly an Asian themed Salad Bar... Wow! the I tried only a few and they were perfect. The seaweed salad was really good and is a must try.nWe then tried some appetizers which included tempura vegetable and fried shrimp, followed by some rice and Green Curry and Black Pepper Beef, all of which were good, however a bit spicy (especially the green curry).nDessert section was just so unique - it really captured the Asian Themed night and the little items I tried were all perfectly splendid. The Mango sticky rice, banana lumpia with caramel sauce.... I just want to come back for more.nI Thanked my husband for bringing me there as it was truly a nice experience and would definitely come there again.nThe staff were so sweet and so attentive, would come and check on us every few minutes, if we needed a refill on the drinks or if we wanted the empty places removed from our table. Our servers that night were Zidan/ Munzir, very sweet gentleman! and played a good role on my experience that night along with another lady whom I didn't catch her name.nOnly negative review on the place I had was that their seating were a bit uncomfortable and plus a few common streetfood dishes I was hoping to find were not available in the buffet, such as spring rolls, Tteokbokki, satay .nnWould definitely come back there soon.
P Nandhra
P Nandhra
June 16, 2023
Great atmosphere on an Iftar Buffet, lots of variety, decent quality and surroundings. However, they did not have us recorded on their bookings so seated us in a separate unrelated restaurant and they also raised the price for Entertainer customers. They inform you beforehand but that is not how it's meant to work having used it for many years. This was raised as a complaint with The Entertainer and this restaurant did not respond to the raised complaint. I am happy to discuss this further with a manager should you be interested in actually doing something about it. Returning customer? Possibly, but not if they do not honour The Entertainer for what it is yet list with them!
Maria E
April 16, 2023
Ramadan iftar was really nice and worth it. Nice variety of different foods and dessert. Would have loved more variety of Arabic food, and beverages. Would definitely recommend! Great value for money ud83eudd17
Desmond Wong
Desmond Wong
January 28, 2023
Food: 4/5nGreat variety of food, every cooking station is something unique to offer. My favorite is the stir fry station.nnService: 5/5nService is over the roof, from valet to lobby, and lobby to restaurant dining experience! Big shoutout to our waiter/waitress Roche & Prisla!nnLocation: 5/5nThe valet entrance is a little tricky to get to, but not difficult at all. Plenty of parking space available. Restaurant ambiance is amazing!
Edel M.
January 19, 2023
We had a buffet dinner here to celebrate my husband’s birthday. From the reservation to welcoming and serving us drinks and a slice of a birthday cake, their customer service was exceptional!nnOnniel was very nice to send me photos and videos of the restaurant to give me a better view of the table to reserve as we wanted a bit of privacy.nnWhen we got there, Prabha and Harish assisted us and made sure we had all we needed. Our drinks were refilled, utensils were replaced and used plates were removed.nnThe food options were good and delicious. I enjoyed the tikka shrimps and pomelo salad. They had several choices of delicious dishes whether you like Italian, Korean, etc. They have a wide selection of desserts too. I found the slushy (watermelon strawberry) too sweet though refreshing. More like for kids. Perhaps they can consider flavors like lemon and mint with less sugar.nnThere was a particular fish dish that was a bit cold but staff Harish immediately gave feedback to the chef to ensure that dishes were warm enough before guests got a serving.nnI like the ambience and the quality of food! The staff were very accommodating and always ready to assist. We paid 149Dhs (VAT inclusive) per person and this already included soft beverages. We did not use a voucher so this is the price of the restaurant which I think is reasonable considering their customers service and quality of food.nnI hope to come back and bring some friends of even visiting family members soon.
Ai Jing You
January 7, 2023
We were served by Priscyla.nShe was very lovely. And she was very attention to the details.nnAnd the food here was amazing. We got various options.nnWe will definitely come back to this restaurant. ud83dude0dud83dude0dud83dude0d
Apple Cervantes
October 25, 2023
Awesome place, very good service and Nice ambiance! If youu2019re looking for street food but classy, come by and check them out. They have a lot of choices and their price is affordable. Plus they serve alcoholic drinks. Iu2019m impressed!
Dainora Al Nakeeb
August 6, 2023
First and foremost, the service was fantastic. All of the waiters and waitresses were very attentive and helpful. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised because such excellent service is difficult to come by in Dubai. Now for the food. We were, to say the least, let down. The best of all was the Indian food station, but the rest were split 50/50. Desserts, on the other hand, were fantastic. I'd give it a 7 out of 10.
jane nerps
August 2, 2023
We had a great experience.The food is superb, great ambiance and the receptionist named Josephine was very nice to us. She assisted us and is very accommodating. Our waitress Coca and Nita were very attentive of our needs. Weu2019ll come back for sure.
Yohsueshi B.
July 18, 2023
We were fortunate to have this place just a few minutes drive away from home. Food was stunning, seafood night was excellent. Love this place and will continue to visit.
Aryavansh Shukla
June 14, 2023
Very interesting flavors. The ambience is average but laid back. Service is exemplary and the best Iu2019ve had in recent history even though they forget some orders. Pricing is expensive but has the potential to be memorable dining experience unless youu2019re strictly vegetarian.
Jed Ansis
June 6, 2023
Had a wonderful experience dining at this place. Food was great, place was clean. One of the staff, Jenny, was really courteous and friendly. Would definitely recommend this to others. Thanks!
Gerald Miranda
May 16, 2023
Getting straight to the point. The food was lovely. I tried Korean fare which was completely different and wasn't disappointed in the least. Full of flavour and very good portions. That didn't stop us from ordering starters which were also great. Cocktails are presented in an interesting manner however, they need to rethink the type of smoke being used (smoke doesn't help light fruity drinks). Service was not the best which is why I rate it 4 stars. Our server didn't know much about the food, confused dishes and was very hesitant to request the chef to switch between rice and noodles which is not a big deal. I would still definitely recommend a visit.
Dr.Christian Heidenreich
Dr.Christian Heidenreich
April 30, 2023
Very good Friday brunch, very good food, service and cleanliness. Very good price for value. Thanks very much. We will come back
April 2, 2023
Overall a good experience. We ordered butter chicken. Which when ordered I asked if there were any bones, the waitress replied no, but then served it and said there are actually a few bones in this dish. There were infact bones in every piece of chicken that's as served. The flavour was lovely though. We were also charged for bread that should have been included in the meal as stated in the menu. My partner ordered the tandoori pizza, we both agreed the flavours didn't work! The venue was lovely and it was a grey experience but has some way to go before we will be recommending it to our friends and family.

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