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The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi is the Middle East's largest aquarium, housing 46,000 animals in ten zones. More than 200 sharks and rays from 25 different species can be found at the aquarium.A team of 80 sea-life experts looks after all of the animals.

The National Aquarium places an emphasis on education, with an entire department dedicated to learning and improving environmental knowledge and the capacity to welcome up to 50,000 students per year.

Professor Aquademy is the aquarium's first-of-its-kind program aimed at inspiring schoolchildren. From the UAE's coastal heritage to conservation, the curriculum will cover four key topics. These are intended to spread knowledge and spark young people's interest in the natural world.

In July 2020, the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency (EAD) and The National Aquarium signed a five-year partnership with the goal of assisting in the creation of one of the largest and most innovative wildlife rehabilitation programs in the world (The Wildlife Rescue Program) to protect and rehabilitate wildlife in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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Marcel Horne
October 21, 2023
Great aquarium! Cant wait to see what sea world will have to offer. The aquarium is clean and was so much fun for our daughter! The amazon part was something else! Birds roaming freely! Highly detailed aquarium! You can see they have put in a lot of effort in the design! I cant fault them for anything! Nice little gift shop at the end.
Narayan Mahadevan
October 16, 2023
Had a fantastic experience here last week. The whole place is well thought and laid out. Glass enclosures are clean and well maintained with the staff on the job constantly. Super informative with interactive audio visual experiences for kids to start learning about marine life. There's an optional behind the scenes experience you can extend your ticket purchase to. It offers a great insight into what goes on behind the glass. At the end of the day, it's not just an aquarium. They also work super hard to protect and preserve marine life by rehabilitation of injured animals.
Khalifa Al Khoori
October 9, 2023
Nice place to spend time in. Spacious and lots of sea world creatures there. Good for kids too. I enjoyed my time there. You can ride a boat for a short tour in a fish tank. There is also some information about how they take care of the animals and how they treat them. Very informative tour guide. Will be back again
Azra Maliha
August 31, 2023
I really loved the experience. Its very beautiful inside and soo many fish species. The birds and few animals were also really cool. However the overall space was smaller than I expected. We took the beyond the glass experience. Not a over the top experience I would say. The glass boat is inside a small space so I think it was wise not to opt that. Overall a good family time with amazing ocean experiences
Katherine Riddle
July 11, 2023
We had an amazing 2 hours at the aquarium. We had the Beyond the glass tickets. The layout was very informative on what species are found in the waters locally and how they are trying to preserve and protect these habitats. The touch tablets at each tank were informative, encouraging you to find all species in that tank. Our favourite portion was the behind the scenes tour with the turtle rescue program and shark hatching for wild release program. Fun for all.
A Alsheehi (FireAxelKh)
May 21, 2023
The place is enjoyable, prices are good. I like the species there and the entrance too, the fishes there looked healthy and comfortable at their tanksnnBut why 3 stars? Iu2019ll mention thatu2026nn1- (general admission was enough) Never upgrade your tickets. The behind glass. Itu2019s a time consuming, the place doesnu2019t look exciting in the (behind the glass tour) plus explanation was too boringnn2- I would suggest the consideration of redecorate the tanks (in some species) there are some tanks are TOO dark (understandable if the fish canu2019t survive the strong lights). But some tanks decorations are bad, the background and creatures have SAME colors and Patterns. It doesnu2019t give a good photographing experience at all. I wish if they take my review in consideration to improve the experience. Take it from me simple natural tanks are the bestnn3- In the tunnel, I enjoyed seeing sharks but. The place looked TOO blue it killed half of the joy in the experience. Unlike Dubai Aquarium, the tunnels there were way more colorful and cheerful. I would suggest to reconsider adding white lights mixed with fewer blues. If nothing changed. It means the type glass is too bluennThank you for the experience but please consider improving the lighting level and make simpler backgrounds
Nadia Einauan
May 7, 2023
Very nice experience. Tunnel is amazing. Beautiful sharks. The birds in the jungle area fly freely over your head. Saw some really beautiful fish.nDownside: Glass boat ride is not worth the extra money you spend on the ticket. Few minutes (5-10) on a boat which has dirty glass you can't see through. Nothing special to see, you just go around in a small pool type area with a few fish underneath.Expected more from it.
Ma. Leah Rivera
May 7, 2023
This is a great place to visit with the family. Considered the largest aquarium in the Middle East. It is pretty impressive but something seem to be wrong with the flow and the whole system. Nevertheless, my nieces have had a great time. Attendants were very friendly and accomodating. I recommend this to families, especially those with little ones!
Arun Girija
May 3, 2023
Amazing experience. Must go for kids - they will enjoy it for sure. Quite similar to the ones in Singapore, Japan etc - inspired from these world class aquariums.nnGeneral admission covers all the main attractions. Behind the scene gives you some insight of how they maintain the aquarium and rehabilitation. They work very closely with Environment agency (EAD).
Mo Abdul Nabi
May 2, 2023
Still here at the National Aquarium; haven't gotten halfway yet but this place is amazing!nnStaff are helpful, and the displays are well thought out and eye-catching. Animal lovers should visit this place. They also provide small display terminals that have information about the different species present, super helpful!nn11/10 would recommend!
Yen Loh
April 12, 2023
Wow! What a place! I loved it. So many incredible species of fish and the decor was amazing. I love that they donu2019t give you some bull about how u2018in captivity, they last longeru2019 like zoos do. They actually rehabilitate creatures and rescue them. Fantastic place
Mariam Hobeldin
March 10, 2023
Great experience. Amazing exhibits. A must see for the whole family. I strongly recommend the special feeding sessions. We tried the stingray feeding! My three children of varying ages loved every bit of it. Behind the scenes, exploring the exhibits and everything in-between.
Khalid Al Saadi
November 14, 2023
Very nice place to visit with the family, it provides amusing and educational experience. Tickets can be purchased online through their official website or at the place. Zones distribution in the inside is neat and thoughtful. They have tickets range from general admission to full journey and also some other chargeable experiences.nnMy one suggestion for the management is to reconsider naming the tickets (VIP category) because all of your customers shall be treated as VIPs regardless of their purchased tickets so better to give this package a different name.nnStaff are very friendly and knowledgeable, one observation I had is that the area where boat trip and behind scene visits lacked organization, probably due to visitors number and being their 2nd day from opening. Otherwise we enjoyed the visit and the place is highly recommended.

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