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Luxurious Telal Resort Al Ain

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Discover Telal Al Ain, A luxurious boutique desert resort set amidst the Arabian oasis on the outskirts of Al Ain city in the vast landscape of Remah Desert which was once home to the nomadic Bedouin tribes of the Emirates. At Telal Resort Al Ain, you can find some of the region’s rarest species of antelopes, such as the Domani, Reem, and Arabian Oryx roaming, flourishing, and thriving in their natural environment. This unique destination recreates the traditions of the Emirati experience. In this quaint little world, history, culture, and local traditions are brought to life for our guests in a relaxed setting for everyone.

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2 Free Desert Activities with Hotel Stay
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15 Mins for each activity, per room, per booking.

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Marium Afzal
Marium Afzal
May 4, 2022
Loved the whole experience! Great hospitality and amazing place. Gazelles could be spotted everywhere, even right outside our rooms. The oasis was so peaceful and was at a walking distance in the desert from our place of stay. Couldn't get enough of the beautiful pool and it's beautiful surroundings. We got 2 complimentary activities through website booking.nOne night was not enough and will definitely be coming back. Looking forward to experience the villa next time!
Konstantin Aushev
Konstantin Aushev
March 29, 2022
The only thing I regret about this resort is that I booked just one night. One should spend here three days at least to retreat and recharge oneself fully, preferably staying in one of the villas surrounded by sands with some rare palms and gazelles running just in few meters in front of your fireplace or stone bath next to panoramic window. Staying as a couple should be more enjoyable, but we were with children and still got the feeling of relax, while kids liked the facilities, food and activities so much that they did not want to leave and are still recalling our staying.
Melody Carstairs
Melody Carstairs
March 4, 2022
Such a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert. The suites were stunning with views that took my breath away.nThere are lots of animals, things to do and the staff are so helpful. The gym is fabulous and the pools are beautiful. The spa wasn't open so I can't comment. It would be easy to spend 4/5 days there. I loved it!
Brownboytravels dot blog
Brownboytravels dot blog
February 20, 2022
The reasons for 4 stars is the because the hotel still uses plastic water bottles and those too small ones which means a sustainability nightmare.nThe resort blends luxury with desert in the best possible way.. both the pools are amazing and the views are gorgeous in every direction. The rooms are decorated beautifully in local style.nThe breakfast also had a good selection of local and international food. The staff was equally amazing.nThe living quarters were situated further away from pools but they send a car in 3 minutes to take you between places so no issues there.nThey also offer great activities which are quite fun, I loved sand boarding, the guys were really helpful since it was my first time.nIt is definitely worth every penny, I just hope they start using refillable glass bottles like most other luxury brands.
kitchen cookbook
kitchen cookbook
February 14, 2022
Beautiful place to visit with kids and enjoynnThe perfect getaway where luxury meets the desert. Details incredible with beautiful handmade furniture and an infinity pool overlooking the dunes, we left feeling completely refreshed and relaxed.nnThe sand skating was awesome ud83dudc4dnThe food was not very good but good.nI recommend if you love the desert and want to enjoy the desert sunset then must go.nud83cudf1fud83cudf1fud83cudf1fud83cudf1fnFour star
Shahrzad Dortadj
Shahrzad Dortadj
January 27, 2022
What was supposed to be two days of relaxation turned out to be a disaster. I needed two days to get away from my day to day life and just relax and come home recharged, however not only could I not relaxed I went home extremely annoyed and disappointed with the fact that I paid so much money for a place that shouldn't even be the fraction of what I paid! The whole place was infested with flies it was so bad that I couldn't even leave my room. Then the flies entered my room and I was at a loss. Don't get me wrong the staff tried their best to make me more comfortable however, the issue was just unsolvable. I had to check out half a day early due to all the flies and when I demanded at least a part refund manager would not accept and putting my ordeal down to nature. I understand there are flies in nature but this was an abnormal situation and absolutely unbearable. This was not your average amount of flies. I'm talking 100s and because of the pest control around the building the flies would be around you and dying around you! It was insane. So if you're looking for somewhere to relax and to enjoy the beautiful nature of the UAE this isn't a place I would recommend especially given the fact that prices are almost quadruple to most 5 star resorts with far more amenities.nI have to mention the staff were friendly and kind and that my issue wasn't with them at all.



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