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Best things to Do – Abu Dhabi

Nature abounds in Abu Dhabi! From sandy beaches to rocky mountains, lush green oases to mangrove parks, there are so many amazing things to do in Abu Dhabi and beautiful places to see in Abu Dhabi. When it comes to nature in Abu Dhabi, you really are spoilt for choice. Here are great nature-filled recommendations to add to your UAE trip!

Jebel Hafit Mountain

For incredible sunrise and sunset photos, as well as majestic views of Abu Dhabi’s lush garden city of Al Ain, head to the top of Jebel Hafit mountain. Rising to a height of 1,249 metres, this skyline-dominating peak is Abu Dhabi’s highest, and the UAE’s second tallest. Reach the summit of this rocky mountain by car, motorbike or, if you have the stamina try bicycling! .

Standing guard over Al Ain and the borders of Oman, this craggy limestone behemoth has been weathered over millennia and features significant fossil discoveries that are vital pieces in the city’s ancient history. The spectacular winding road to the Jebel Hafit mountain has once been described by edmunds.com (the automotive information online source) as being ‘among the world’s greatest driving roads’.

The Empty Quarter

Abu Dhabi’s Empty Quarter is a must-see bucket-list destination that is perfect for the traveller who wants an authentic and immersive adventure experience. The fine golden sands shift with the winds to form dunes hundreds of feet high and visible as far as the eye can see.

Beautiful by day or starry night, this ever-changing expanse of desert boasts one of the world’s most luxurious hotels: the magnificent Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. A fairytale destination reminiscent of the tale One Thousand and One Nights, Qasr Al Sarab resembles an old Arabian fortress town, nestled in a valley of towering dunes. Aside from warm Arabian hospitality, exquisite interiors and sumptuous dining, the luxury hotel also offers visitors a dose of adventure including dawn desert walks, camel trekking, dune bashing, falconry and Saluki (desert hunting dog) shows, camp-fire barbecues, fat-tyre biking and much more. If you’re in the Empty Quarter, try to get up close and personal with the world’s tallest sand dune, Tel Moreeb, which means Terrifying Mountain. Over 300 metres high and boasting a 50° incline, this photogenic dune is a dream for adventure enthusiasts.

Al Ain Oasis

With its still-operational traditional falaj (ancient irrigation system) and meandering pathways shaded beneath a thick canopy of over 147,000 date palms and other fruit trees, Al Ain Oasis is the perfect place to bring family or friends for a wonderful outing. Covering 1,200 hectares, the nature-filled orchard allows you to see up close what agriculture in this region has looked like for millennia with a unique insight into the region's inhabitants who began taming the desert 4,000 years ago. This lush Al Ain Oasis – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011 – is located in the centre of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi's garden city and is the largest of Al Ain's oases. Farmers tend to thousands of date palms of 100 different varieties, as well as fodder crops and fruit trees, such as mango, orange, banana, fig and jujube (known locally as sidr).

So, if you’re planning a Dubai trip, visit Abu Dhabi before or after your holiday there. The good news is that Abu Dhabi is only an hour away from Dubai by car. So, we recommend that once you’ve seen all the Dubai tourist attractions on your Dubai vacation, head to Abu Dhabi for some fun and nature-filled experiences!

Welcome to Abu Dhabi.

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