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About Anantara Al Yamm Villa Resort | Abu Dhabi

Anantara Al Yamm is a villa-only resort modeled like an Emirati fishing village. Mangroves and the beautiful Arabian Gulf are visible from the beachside baristas. It is a rustic beachfront escape.

One resort destination with three unique experiences. There are numerous ways to explore, multiple activities to be involved in, and different journeys to go on whilst indulging in the exotic Arabian island life. Come and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and wild life settings of Abu Dhabi and be a part of an unforgettable journey through the different resorts at Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island.
Hide poolside or venture out and about, kayaking the seas or horseback riding around the island. At our Abu Dhabi resort, snorkel protected reefs and take in the beauty of nature.
Sir Bani Yas Island, off the coast of Abu Dhabi, is a wildlife sanctuary created by His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The island, which is home to free-roaming creatures such as the nearly extinct Arabian Oryx, provides a unique retreat from the outside world.

With three Anantara resorts on Sir Bani Yas Island, guests can enhance their stay with complimentary transfers between the three retreats, giving them the freedom to enjoy all of Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Resorts' facilities and pleasures, including pampering Anantara Spa rituals, timeless activities like archery and falconry, a wide range of watersports, and, of course, a mouthwatering cuisine.

Anantara Al Yamm Villa Resort provides solitude with a splash of luxury, with a central lodge including a Mediterranean restaurant and bar. Nature and animal drives in the Arabian Wildlife Park on the island, scuba diving and mangrove kayaking from the Desert Islands Watersports Centre, or simply relaxing at the on-site Al Yamm Spa Villa are all available to visitors.

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Safak Ozgun
January 6, 2023
Absolutely loved it! We stayed at the resort and had a beuatiful sea view room. The room was very clean and we were given regular snacks like fruits and biscuits. The island is just gorgeous, if ever you're tired of the big city this quite island filled with wildlife is the perfect getaway. I thought the tours we booked as part of our package would just be designed to fill up time but they turned out to be really enjoyable. There is quite a bit of history and wildlife variety on the island, and the guides are really knowledgeable and fun, that the tours shouldn't be missed. Food was delicious all around with access to restaurants across the island by shuttle as long as you pre-book them. Overall it was an amazing experience that me and my wife would definitely love to repeat in future.
Futtaim Beljaflah
November 12, 2023
So, we used the cups and cutlery from the 'coffee station' in the villa, and when housekeeping came for turn down service, he took the spoons and cups to the bathroom sink to wash by hand (no dish soap) and put them back.nnWe were in the villa at the time, so I waited to see if he really will put them back, and when he did I told him they should be replaced and taken to be washed properly, not with his hand and water in the bathroom sink.nWhen I called the reception to complain she didn’t sound surprise at all. She said if you want them replaced you can request in-room dining to get a replacement, and when I pointed out that we had used them, and obviously they should be replaced, she just said yes you are right that is the right way, I will inform management.nnMakes me wonder if they actually replaced them after the previous guests, or just washed them with water in the bathroom sink.nnWe ordered room service on the first day, and for cutlery that wasn’t properly washed and cleaned, there were traces of food.nnWe asked for a baby cot and the one they get us had the screws loose (which is dangerous, because it could fall apart any second) the guy who got us the cot grabbed a knife from the coffee station and used it as a screwdriver and then went to put it back..nI’m sorry, but I thought I was in a 5 star hotel? Needless to say, that didn’t work and the screw was still loose, our baby slept in bed with us.nnThe food is a disappointment, there’s only one restaurant and the in-room dining menu is very limited, and the quality is not that good.nnThe photos of the beach look beautiful until you get here and realise you can’t step foot there because of all the rocks.nNot what you would except from a 5 star hotel. We will never come back and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone at all. For the time spent to get to this place, it was not worth it.nnTo me, cleanliness comes before anything, and because of that, I’m giving them a 1-star rating.nnYou would be better off staying in Saadiyat island, better hotel options, and the most beautiful beach!
Aysha h.
October 23, 2023
We’ve had a really great weekend, we enjoyed our stay at Anantara alyamm, the room is clean and the views from the villa was amazing you’ll see animals walking around like ghazals. There are three restaurants around that you need to book an appointment before going to, Olio the Italian is the closest we went walking the other restaurants you need to request a car to go to and the staff is very friendly and helpful they arranged everything including activities for us. We tried the safari and the tour guide explained everything and he had a very great knowledge about the island, animals, birds and plants. A very special thanks to all of them for making our stay smooth and enjoyable.
juraj matlovic
September 29, 2023
The place is like a heaven on Earth, not just because of the beauty of the island but because of the most kind people we have ever met. We will never forget you and looking forward to come back and see you all. If you are looking for the privacy, facilities on the highest level, if you are an animal and wildlife sanctuary lover…this is the place you have to visit at least once in your life. Thanks to all of the Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island team for all great memories! Especially thanks to Rebecca and Milhan team, we will never forget how you guys took care of us! Deni & Juraj
Mubashir Bin Muhammad
September 27, 2023
Love it !nnThe private villa was beautiful and elegant, the view of the mangroves was extraordinary with birds and deers around..nnThe staff was very friendly, and made us feel very special especially the Thomson ( life guard ) Khalid ( safari guide ) made our day. .nnThe island is big enough filled with cage free birds and animals.nnThe food is very yummy and being so close to the beach with the ocean waves as background while dining is amazing.nnIt's definitely a 10/10 experience.
Reece Kirk
September 26, 2023
Absolutely stunning, me and my wife share a birthday so we thought we would celebrate our 30th in style. A few days in the executive villa at Al yams went above and beyond our expectations.nnThe staff at the arrivals center were fantastic, they looked after us while we waited half an hour for our transfer with coffee and some snacks, then we went for a little walk and saw 2 turtles in the beautifully blue sea.nnOnce we made it to the island we were taken to the reception area to be greeted with fruit juice and a little shoulder massage while we were checking in which was very much appreciated and then we were taken to our villa.nnWe had a gorgeous spacious villa with a plunge pool which was absolutely fantastic during the hot days. The large bath and large clean bathroom was very easy to use without getting in each others way!nnWe had a fantastic time reading in the plunge pool and watching the peacocks and gazelle come and go from the mangroves. We had a fantastic view from our bed of the sunrise which we made sure to watch every morning and we felt so looked after, we will return!nnHaving the room with the plunge pool was great because we simply kept to our room and didn’t go to the main pool which made it all feel so intimate, we ate at olio restaurant full board which was amazing, but I’ll post a separate review for this!
Alena Zhdanava
September 4, 2023
The place was absolutely amazing ! We loved everything about it - the location, facilities, villas, but especially the service. The front desk team, the F&B; team, room service, and everyone working there made us feel very comfortable and welcome. I would like to extend a special Thank You to Chef Jalal for taking extra step and making Vegan food for me for breakfast as the buffet usually does not contain many vegan options.nNot at every hotel they would want go extra length to accommodate a request regarding vegan food, but this one here was absolutely 110% committed. Whether it was breakfast buffet, or dinner, or some finger food and something to snack on at the pool - it was fantastic.nThank you to Delilah, the manager, Sonia (the coffee you made was soo good!), Kamran, Pankaj and Depu - really tasty drinks you made ! Thank you Thompson, the lifeguard, for making our stay at the pool very enjoyable!nnWe would surely want to come back again !
Suhail Almazrouei
September 4, 2023
We really enjoyed our 2 night stay at Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villas. The staff were very welcoming & friendly. The villa was spacious & clean. The water sport center made our stay more memorable. We had an incredible scuba diving, snorkling and fishing experience. The different types of fishes under the water made our scuba diving & snorkling experience more appealing. Along with other the water activities we engaged in. The Wildlife Safari Tour was an enjoyable expirence. We got to see the Cheetas, Giraffes and other creatures. Moreover, the restaurants in the island where a 10. We tried Al Sham & Olio's restaurant and both served delicious dishes.
August 24, 2023
The place, customer service, amenities, food and activites are amazing. Ms Delilah is very accommodating. She’ll be glad and happy to assist you with a smile.
Kirill Vinogradov
July 15, 2023
A place to go with kids. Nice safari experience. Food is not so great by the way, avoid Italian place.
Virgil Rusu
March 30, 2023
The location is premium, the service is great, the villas are big and very local in style. Not very fond of the floor which imitates a clay floor. A lot of animals and birds around. Great experience!
Abdullatif al farsi
March 15, 2023
Amazing location and management team will absolutely will visit back again
Joji George
January 17, 2023
Worth visiting. Good place to see.
Samita M
January 11, 2023
Amazing resort. Superb hospitality and best Italian and African food.nIt's a paradise in the desert. Excellent safari.
Kabir Luthra
January 2, 2023
The property is fantastic. The nature reserve even better. The Al Yamm villas are great.nThe service levels and food quality aren't at the usual Anantara levels.nOverall, a resort that doesn't live up to its potential.
c noel
December 28, 2022
The food is mediocre at best. The service is appalling.nFive star here means nothing.nThe staff is not trained properly.nItu2019s like being in a glorified motel.nThe villas are ten years old but look like they were built and decorated in the 90u2019s. The way they were built gives you no privacy whatsoever. There is ample space on the island. Why did they have to build them one on top of the other so you can hear and see everything next door is a mystery. And not a pleasant one.nThey donu2019t clean the pool panes because itu2019s windy. So you do it yourself otherwise you canu2019t see through.nWhat the front desk staff is good at is to come up with lame excuses for everything they donu2019t do.nThey canu2019t even keep a timetable for the boat departures. Every day they give you a different answer so at the end of you stay you just sit and wait because they donu2019t talk to each other.nItu2019s like they do it on purpose.nWhen you express your disappointment they shrug their shoulders in the most careless way.nYou can spend the same money elsewhere and get a much better service.nWaste of precious money unless you want to live a faulty towers expensive experience on a desert island.
Mir Obaid Ali Gibran
November 20, 2023
The staff were helpful and pleasant, especially the Restaurant staff and house keeping staff. They went am extra mile to make us feel comfortable.nOn the other hand was expecting a private villa with private pool. But the villa's have no privacy, have overlooking neighbours.nThe pool size was another disappointment. It should have been advertised as a jacuzzi!nBeing a higher category of room, expected something better than the lower category room. But totally got disappointed. Al Yamm Beach Villa Pool is totally not worth the money.
Khawla alsuwaidi
May 23, 2023
I had an amazing time , highly recommend for people seeking quite relaxing time away from the city vibes the staff were great from Othman who did my booking to Kate the safari guide to Hanifa the waters to the driver jawed.
ankit bhargava
ankit bhargava
May 15, 2023
One ticked off our UAE bucket listnnSo the photos turned up in my timeline , visited Anantara Baniyas 2 years back , summer at its peak , drive is pleasure as you can drive at 160 once you cross Abu Dhabi city , enough stops to have lunch , snacks and plenty of ADNOC pumps.nnYou can stop at Ruwais city for meals , ensure you have enough time in hand , itu2019s about 20 minutes from Ruwais city to Jetty.nnHospitality begins at the jetty to the hotel ,ensure you stick to time of jetty.nnFun 30-45 minute ride to the island and another 20 minutes from baniyas jetty to the hotel.nnWho would believe itu2019s a sanctuary in middle of ocean on a desert island.Have your safari tour booked in advance , best would be for early morning one.nnPoolside is pretty amazing and the staff attentive and very helpful , food is great and great views of ocean and the island.nnMust visit definitely a have to do resort.
Abdulla Almamari
April 15, 2023
Stayed there from 06/04/2023 until 08/04/2021:nnNot many negatives but just a few suggestions:n-Indian restaurant, sadly the Island doesn't have much variety of restaurants but you can trot to the other resorts and eat there but be sure to book cause they can fill up. Olio was the top restaurant in our opinionn-Club Sandwich for the in-room dining. This is more of a me thing but I felt like the in-room dining had limited choices on Al Yammn-Boat from Abu Dhabi Island to Sir Bani Yas. I don't know if this will save time, but driving to the Jetty is quite and drive and stressful because you end up worrying if you'll make it on time, and if you miss the boat, it's another 3 hour wait approximately.n-Bicycles for guests to explore the island. There doesn't seem to be any and I believe it's because it might be dangerous to cycle at night since it's pitch dark?nnNow the good stuff!nThe people who make up the resort is what really gives this place the WOW factor. Yeah there are animals roaming around and the views are amazing, but everyone has a great story and they're just really friendly and nice, you don't get that with the deer and peacocks.nn+ Greeted by the lovely Odeon and Joseph at the Jetty station. Beautiful sunset trip to Sir Bani Yas Island. Weather was cooler on the island than Abu Dhabi city.n+ Our driver Sayeed in the Island gave us a brief history about the Island which was great, it's larger than Abu Dhabi Island!n+ At reception we got greeted by the amazing Ms. Retno with a lovely rose lemonade drink. Throughout the stay she was all smiles and it was truly appreciated. When we arrived to the room there was a cake waiting for us and the bed was specially made up as we were celebrating a birthdayn+ 2 days is not enough but we tried to do as much as we can. Dinner that day was the Lebanese restaurant in the Desert Island and the Falafels were superb, never had anything like them in Abu Dhabi.n+ Breakfast was at Olio which was just handy, we woke up to catch the sunrise and went Kayaking early in the morning at Desert Island with Mouneir the lifeguard who was really nice and was patient with us. When we went for breakfast they had a lovely selection, I did feel bad for the staff there as they insisted on putting things for you on your plate and I understand that it was to due to COVID-19 measures but felt like it was too much. It's a bit tough when you have the breakfast rush and 2 people are trying the help everyone. You can ask for crepes from the chef, sort of a secret menu item. I would suggest going back for lunch, they are the best restaurant on the whole and not just because of the food but the staff there like Hanifah, Priyanka, Shims (Man's got a great sense of humor, keep the jokes coming!), Delilah and everyone else whom I sadly can't remember their namen+ Wildlife drive was excellent, went for 9AM and we had the lovely Ali show us around and give us a lovely history of the Island, and we got to see the giraffes and cheetahs and all types of birds they take care of in the island. We also ended up going with him on the bike tour later that day and he knew a lot of great tracks.n+ BEST PART: We were lucky enough to get a late check out on our last day and I just wanted to thank Hossein, Retno, and the management at Anantara for taking care of us. Will definitely come back and recommend friends to go!
Aliya Al Marzooqi
April 9, 2023
Wonderful short break here in the UAE, really great for families with children aged 6+nI'm giving it a 4 star as it would've been better if there are more Food and beverage choices, as well as more options for moving around the island and self exploring like maybe have electric buggy rentals for residents. It's also very important to actually explore the activity options and book them beforehand. We also found out that you can use any of the pools free of charge amongst the three Anantara properties as well as have breakfast in any of the properties for a small fee provided there is availability. We especially enjoyed the horse riding experience on the beach it was absolutely magical!
Fatima Al zaabi
Fatima Al zaabi
March 3, 2023
Their staff and hospitality were very friendly

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