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Phuket FantaSea the Ultimate Thai Cultural Theme Park

About Phuket FantaSea the Ultimate Thai Cultural Theme Park

An escapade into Phuket FantaSea is a fantastical adventure into Thailand’s exotic Myth, Mystery and Magic.

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Ma Shun
September 11, 2023
Just to be candid here, this is the iconic place that every tourist should go if this is your first time to Phuket. But if you’ve been there once, you may not want to revisit it since nothing much will interest you except the stage show.nThe facilities are bit lack of maintenance and numbers of game stalls are closed after the pandemic. No new show or games been added from my last visit 10 years ago.nIf you purchase the ticket online or through your local travel agency usually gives you a better price than walk-in.
Sehdev Singh
August 30, 2023
For my personal opinion it is an overhyped show. I did not like it all. Some of my observations are:n- Ticked cost is around 1800 THB (without dinner) that is quite expensiven- Total duration is just 1 hourn- You have to wait in long queue around 30-40 minutes before reaching to hall to watch the shown- There are many places where you can click photos.nI do not recommend this show at all.
Pritam Bhowal
August 23, 2023
Fantasea is a fantastic experience. The 1 hr show is really good and entertaining with excellent performances not only by humans but also elephants , tigers, chickens , goats and buffalo too! The lights, sounds , stage settings , crowd management everything is great. Depositing and recovering the mobile phones is a little hassle.nWe opted for gold seats along with pick up and drop from our hotel. The buffet dinner was good too. All in all recommended
August 23, 2023
Free shuttle bus was good. Show was fantastic. Elephants seemed to be treated ethically apart from riding. Buffet was fine not a wide range of food but it was fresh. Merchandise overpriced like any theme park.
Ahmed Hamed Al-Aidaros
August 18, 2023
It's a nice attraction, they have great show with the elefents. But the only thing that been not good is before you enter the show or theater you need to handover your phones or cameras to them which is along que before and after the show so they make sure no body will record the show. But the show was amazing. Really recommended 👌
Mark Garcia
Mark Garcia
August 13, 2023
Definitely a must do for first time visitors or returning visitors as well. Itu2019s claimed to be a theme park but in my opinion itu2019s mainly a cultural show that has a mass buffet dining hall with elephant feed and riding before the show.nnHaving said that, I do recommend buying tickets with the buffet included because itu2019s worth the additional price. The array of dishes on offer is not extensive in Thai standards but you definitely wonu2019t go be left hungry. Be sure to explore the dining hall perimeters though because thereu2019s additional food options there too. There is a special exclusive vegetarian and halal section for those with dietary requirements.nnThe park opens from 5.30pm and the show starts at 8.30pm. 3 hours to explore the park and have dinner was more than enough time for us. I enjoyed feeding the elephants some snacks! But allow extra time for the below information.nnWhen itu2019s Showtime and upon entry to the theatre they will require all phones and recording devices to be cloaked/deposited. Imagine this process with thousands of people. Youu2019ll be handed with the collection number. Then imagine the same process when collecting your devices. I guess itu2019s the length to process IP. I hope through this process no one has ever lost a device because they do say they wonu2019t take any responsibility. Otherwise, enjoy the show!
July 7, 2023
Lovely show telling the story of Thailand!nThe buildings are phenomenal and entertainment area is retro and cool!nThe food buffet is really bad though.. they have a weird sectioning system, the asked Arabs to set together, Indians alone, white people alone and Asians on one side! I found that to be very weird and hilarious!
Dianna Hutchinson
July 6, 2023
Huge park and amazing show!nnI booked our tickets online and happy I did as the process of entry was much easier than lining up with the masses.nnMy mum had mobility issues so we went out a little earlier and ended up being at the front of the line to enter.nThe staff were very friendly and helpful with my mum and baby.nnOnce inside, you are met with a lot of colour and little shops selling unique gifts, keepsakes, food etc.nnWe made our way to the restaurant for our buffet meal and it was incredible.nFrom there we went to see the elephants before moving inside for the show.nnThe show itself was beautiful. Afterwards, we collected our phones and made our way back to the entrance.nnOutside everything was lit up and nothing short of magic ud83dude0d
Raghu Burukunte
June 29, 2023
Avoid this like the plague. Overpriced waste of time and money. The show has little to no story line. Just a bunch of people jumping around uncoordinated. This is not a cultural show. School plays have better execution and story. The elephants seem tortured with broken tails and trunks. Did not realize it included live elephant tricks, it's animal cruelty. We did the buffet and almost every single item on the menu was overcooked, tasteless and just plain bad. They also make you queue up to surrender your phones and to get them back. It's so horrible they don't want videos showing up on YouTube or elsewhere.
Neha Verma
June 12, 2023
The food at this place was good. Indian good is also available here. The whole dining experience before the show was fabulous! The Fantasea show was also good. Kids would love it. The place has many shops, floating market, magical shops, toy shops, etc. We had a great experience there! Must visit place with kids. Lovely place!
Anemone Kirk (Tea)
May 26, 2023
Well so not worth the money, the shows dancers weu2019re not on point at all, even my husband was commenting on it! The fighting scenes were terrible, so fake as it gets. The only good thing was the elephants that were fun to watch that you could see they were well kept they made it at two star show from a -3stars. The food is not worth the money you better of eating before hand!
Vishal Shah
May 21, 2023
Show is good but don't understand anything except animal shows & magic show. Actually they have to give some guidance about what's going on. Rest it's good, can watch once.
Hassan Al-bahar
May 12, 2023
Such an amazing show. It is around 1 hour and 30 minutes. The park has few shops for games and souvenirs. So, you need to come early before the show to visit the places in the park. The gold seats are very good for better view.
Rabhas Dhanabhumi
May 5, 2023
Fantastic u2b50ufe0f I didnu2019t expect much about this place but itu2019s soooo good. The place is so nice and clean, the staff is well trained and friendly and the customer handling system is perfect. Highly recommended especially for family with kids ud83dudc4dud83cudffb
Odette Ramsingh
Odette Ramsingh
April 24, 2023
We went from what was billed the best cabaret show in South Asia to the best cultural show...while the former proved to be a damp squib not quite living up to the sparkle it promised, the latter sure had our jaws dropping in some acts...the dramatic entrance of the elephants through the rows of seats was something to behold..and the intelligence displayed by the animals was simultaneously astounding and disturbing...how do you get chickens, doves and goats to act on cue...not forgetting the tiger with its daring act, bolting across the stage, having you terrified with your heart in your mouth! While I was amazed at the feats of the elephants I was also empathetic to the unnaturalness and was certain that our own African elephants would be most affronted by this submissiveness...I shuddered to think what went into such training, and felt somewhat guilty that I was watching this...hypocrite fitted well with how I was feeling at that moment, and which lingered on long after the show! The acrobats whirling across the theatre was a welcome distraction, likewise the magician's amazing tricks. And oh, the dazzling costumes are just epic...they would win best costume design anytime and everytime...not forgetting the stage setting with a curtain of water, simulating rain, falling heavily down! On entry you have to hand in your phone...so no pictures of the actual show...and much speculation around this...can it really only be to protect the artistic work?nThe overall show, while entertaining, left us in deep debate about the ethics of animal training; how tourists drive such demand...and how complicit we are...
Alexander Johnson
April 18, 2023
Sucha great experience. Buffet was super legit. Drinks are extra. Food included if you buy it with your ticket. Very cool scenery and buildings inside. And the show... wow. Probably the best thing I have seen in terms of a live show. Raw in a beautiful and authentic way. So many fun scenes. Highly recommend. Family friendly.

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