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Top Billing visits a one of a kind lodge in the Drakensberg

The Drakensberg is a place where everything in your surrounds is put to some, fascinating use and where any job is an endless opportunity to learn and change your life.

Giant’s Castle and the Bushman’s River form the kind of backdrop which Hollywood directors dream of. For us South Africans, all this awaits you just two hours out of Durban or four hours from Joburg. It is our natural heritage and getting more of us to experience it is the mission of former IT consultant and owner of Antbear Lodge, Andrew Attwood.

For The Attwoods, living sustainably was always their dream and they have gone about it with classic, German efficiency.

To the original structure built in the nineteen forties, the Attwoods and their increasingly skilled staff have added quite alternative accommodation in the form of a luxury cave.

To see where the lodge’s one-of-a-kind design takes shape, we took in the expansive workshop of carpenter Mlindeni Sithole. One of many local residents who have learned their trade here and stayed on to make a difference.

Where other craftsmen sell their work, the carpenters get to see their original designs displayed and used around the lodge.

There are many activities in the area such as battlefield tours, microlight or hot air balloon rides from the lodge but it is hard to beat the simple pleasure of riding out among the foothills and setting your mind free.

For a weekend where you come away rejuvenated by the epic countryside, inspired by our people, with a smile on your face and a head full of new ideas – The Drakensberg is for you.

To find out more or book a stay visit: http:www.antbear.co.za/

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Rheem K Maharajh
Rheem K Maharajh
July 3, 2023
If you need to escape the day in day out mundane rat race city life and just reset yourself, this is the place just to chill. Beautiful rustic setting with thee most friendliest hospitable staff who always greet you with a smile no matter how the low the temperature is ud83dude09
Fokke Baarssen
Fokke Baarssen
April 24, 2023
The best experience we had in Mauritius. The staff did everything they could to make it an unforgettable holiday. I feel really thankful for that ud83dude4f The food,activities, rooms all are wonderful ud83dudc9c We had a Suite room and it will give you your own beach chair with all day someone around to serving you drinks, we even had lunch there one timeud83cudfdd It also give you the opportunity to get breakfast on the beach restaurant ud83dude00 but the main restaurant serving excellent buffet to. I would definitely come back here ud83eudd70
Tania Kelly
Tania Kelly
March 21, 2023
Really lovely out of the way rustic lodge. Friendly staff and a great place for a weekend away.
The Owl and Elephant Lodge
The Owl and Elephant Lodge
March 17, 2023
A really tranquilnAtmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of city life!
Carol Tebbutt
Carol Tebbutt
March 1, 2023
So peaceful and tranquil. Laughs, walks, recharging
Antonie Lotz
Antonie Lotz
February 27, 2023
Absolutely great, just need a 4X4 to get there
Dani Rae Wessels
Dani Rae Wessels
January 18, 2023
Stunning service, a massive thank you to Andile and all your wonderful staff. We enjoyed the food too. A truly unique experience and beautifully pet friendly.
Jabulani Thimothy Kumalo
Jabulani Thimothy Kumalo
October 16, 2023
Good place to stay and sleep it safely



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