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Do you want to explore the tranquil desert landscape? Or do you want to spend the night in the desert camping? We've got you covered at Regency Sealine Camp. We ensure that your excursions are as enjoyable as ever with our carefully chosen packages. Take a half-day desert safari around the desert environment or relax with your loved ones at the beach Gazebo. With our hand-picked tour packages you'll have the best vacation ever.

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Omer Guchan
October 29, 2023
One of its kind in Qatar due to its location, tent rooms are kind of authentic tent vibe but without the hardships of desert living.nLunch and breakfast rocks! Poor breakfast though... One of the 3 best beach-sea spots in Qatar, you get to do dunr bashing and camel safari around there too... Nice experience for a weekend
October 23, 2023
Price and quality/ service does not fit.nDidn’t have a tranquil, luxury or sustainable stay. Was an underwhelming experience.
Gaurav Marwah
September 23, 2023
Wow...you cant even imagine something like this would exist in a desert. Very good food, great hospitality, great location...trip to Doha is incomplete without this.
Rami Sadek
August 13, 2023
Beautiful place with a great view and a beautiful sea front , Good and clean rooms , Delicious and varied food.nI recommend this beautiful place on a weekend getaway to enjoy and relax.nThanks for the owner , management , staff for such as gorgeous place in Our Lovely Qatar.
Najbur Rahuman
July 22, 2023
Quite good place to stay, price should be considered to less
Hesham Yousry
May 11, 2023
The place is very nice, the staff are extremely friendly and the service is very very good. Highly recommend anyone to go and enjoy the camp.
Hari Subramony
May 9, 2023
Nice location. Nice Amenities. Very helpful and friendly staff. Its a relatively new set up. So minor glitches are there. However staff working there are putting in efforts to make our stay as best as possible. When we visited, sea plants were washed ashore during 1 hour period in evening. Staff were trying to clean the beach to make it good. Calm atmosphere. Best part was to watch sea at night and relax.... Lesser food options for vegetarians during lunch and dinner. However considering location and perhaps usual inflow of guests, it is understandable. Worth visiting for 1 night atleast.... Best of luck to the team there...nNotable staff - Mr.Clinton in restaurant, Mr.Sadik in Operations / Housekeeping, Mr.Amrit who drove us back to parking spot...
joseph george
May 3, 2023
Perfect location to enjoy your holidays away from the city. Facility provided good ambience right from the beginning ride through the sand dunes.nnGood food, polite staff, good room, clean beach.. overall it’s worth for what we paid.
joseph george
May 3, 2023
Perfect location to enjoy your holidays away from the city. Facility provided good ambience right from the beginning ride through the sand dunes.nnGood food, polite staff, good room, clean beach.. overall itu2019s worth for what we paid.
Shaista Shabnam
April 21, 2023
It was a refreshing experience to be there. Comfort in the middle of the desert. Loved watching the sunrise and sunset. Staff was friendly and welcoming. The only suggestion is to have some variety in the food, that was a little plain. Also, a lot of things like bonfire in front of rooms, tea and coffee counters were non functional when we visited. Would have loved to be able to use all the facilities, games etc. However I would definitely recommend to family and friends.
Ron Adam
April 8, 2023
We enjoyed our visit to Regency Sealine Camp. When we got close my daughter decided she didnu2019t want to drive off-road through the sands. They sent a driver to pick us up and drive so up and down through the sand dunes! Scary, thrilling, absolutely astounding! When we arrived, service was prompt and the rooms are beautiful and well equipped. My two grandchildren played in the calm and shallow waters while we relaxed and watched them. Later I walked through the deep sands above the camp. After a lovely dinner we had a pleasant walk. I got up early and had a sunrise walk in the dune, with some picture taking.
Mr. Wilson
February 8, 2023
What a gem in the waste land desert. The tents and cabins are as nice as a hotel, but more affordable and there is a ton to do. I recommend buddying up with another vehicle and traversing the dunes. But bring a shovel and make sure you have 4wd.
Donna Gray
January 27, 2023
Absolutely amazing! What a place... we loved it. Fabulous food, very helpful and polite staff, spotlessly clean toilets. Would give this place 5 + stars. The beach cabanas, beds and towels all provided. Would love to visit here again. Highly recommended! ud83dudc4c ud83dudc4d
Roberto Giurazza
January 6, 2023
Pretty disappointing!nThe personnel were very disorganized. They made us wait about 2 hours to start the excursions we had already booked in advance. There was a man that continued to say that a car would arrive 5 minutes, but then 2 hours passed! They were really ripping us off, until we got mad and asked for a refund. Then they really got two cars in 5 minutes.nThe dinner was totally disappointing. The quality of food was low, the place looked like a refectory. There was no entertainment for the dinner or after, and it was a serious issue since the camp there is nothing else to do.nOther camps I have been to usually organize a typical dinner, served on the Arab sofas with shisha and entertainment meanwhile.nThe camp is really in the middle of nowhere. It is nice, the suites are beautiful and have glass walls, so if you want to save your privacy, you must check the curtains are properly closed.
Mohammed Shadab khurshid
December 13, 2022
One of the best camps i have seen in recent time. Well maintained property. Clean Beach, Good Food, And most important not much crowded so felt like on a private beach camp :) Only issue childrens could not enjoy swimming due to visible crabs on shore. My tent (1003) washroom had a broken shower tray due to which all the water was splashing inside the bathroom floor.
Mansi Bhatia
October 12, 2023
It was gorgeous and peaceful. Beautiful. Had a wonderful time, the food they served were quite too much for just the 2 of us. Over all it was a great stay, room was pretty too. Definitely worth another visit.
August 30, 2023
The place is so beautiful and an amazing serenity. The rooms are neat and well maintained. I really like this place and commendable service was provided. Especially Oli from the food department, was of great help for us. The food tasted good too. Overall, they have a good team of staffs.
Learning can be fun
July 22, 2023
Great experience. The staff is very polite and very helpful.nRooms are spacious and clean.nThe location is beyond marvelous.nThanks for the great experience.nnSpecial thanks to Seif from the reception. He will make ur stay more comfortable.
Mohamed Adil Shah Khoodoruth
July 20, 2023
Excellent escapade from buzzy city life. Staff are amazing, especially Saif Ud Deen, Shadrak, Helmi, Rashed, Shoaib, and all those working hard behind the scenes to make sure our experience is memorable. Our breakfast and dinner were great and there were so much variety of dishes including seafood and bbq. The tent was spacious for family with kids. Good amenities. Very clean with regular housekeeping. Quad bikes and buggy available for extra charge. In short, highly recommended.
Celeste Richardson
May 11, 2023
Fantastic service, great accommodation and stunning views. And dont get me started on the amazing food!!! This was such a relaxing break!
Amrita Sarpal
April 24, 2023
Went during COVID times, so less than the ultimate experience but the team went out of there way to make it an enjoyable experience. Family friendly atmosphere. Amazing facilities given its in the middle of nowhere. Definitely a place to check out!

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