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Debs W Remman is a contemporary concept that combines nostalgia for the past with the spirit of adventure of today. Debs W Remman's superb cuisine attractively portrays Beirut's cafes, souqs, and street food at a fair price. Our professional chefs offer an appetizing assortment of Lebanese signature dishes with the freshest ingredients. Debs W Remman creates an authentic dining experience that transports you to the heart of downtown Beirut by combining delectable flavors with genuine Arabian friendliness.

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Reviews (1236)

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Saoud Al Shamsi
January 8, 2023
Located in the pearl, service was good, food couldve been better specially, the kibbah and the bread.
Mortadha Alsalhi
December 11, 2022
Worst customer service, delay in processing the order, apart from respect for customersnnI do not recommend anyone to come to this restaurant at all
Andrei Bereghici
December 7, 2022
I will recommend,the mixed grill is delicious,the place is clean and nice,the server was fast👌
Alvaro Perez
November 28, 2022
The worst experience I've had in a while. The service here is completely incompetent. Not only did they took hours to bring the food which can be understandable, but you need to wait at least 30 minutes to simply get a soft drink. How difficult can it be to open the fridge, get out a soda and take it to the table? I recommend management If they can't handle service to switch to a self-service or buffett model in which the customer serves himself. It will be much better experience.
Husnaa Reed
November 9, 2023
The ambience and the food is amazing I definitely suggest it. Really good Lebanese and Arabic food.
Alexandra Levy
October 11, 2023
Very impressed not just with the service but the food. I had the best Lebanese meal of my life, what a place, I love it!!
Ghadi Ghali
October 8, 2023
Amazing customer service, very good food specially rice and meat platter. Recommend to ask for Ali waiter as he will take very good care of you
Cristina Andrianova
September 1, 2023
Today was my first time to visit this place. I have chosen it firstly because of the view. Its in the middle of Madina Centrala Pearl in front of beautiful fountain.nThe dinner was tasty and savoury.nService is on high level. Especially big thanks to the waiter Ali.
Hady Abou Hamdan
August 22, 2023
Everything was great. The raw meat with nuts is killing Ali H. was very attentif to details and really took care of us. The singer voice is very nice. I should also mention their generosity; we never ate there without having a basket of fruits and special dessert at the end.
Nusrat Hussain
July 4, 2023
This is a must go places in Doha. The staff is super courteous, always smiling and enthusiastic. Service is 5 stars. Don't miss the dessert which comes free with the food. Out of this world.
Alan Pinto
May 4, 2023
Awesome food and service is excellent.They even give you complimentary sweet n fruits
Amru Elfil
May 1, 2023
Your typical Mediterranean experience and hospitality. Everything done just right... so be patient as things might be slow sometimes and you won't regret it.
Denize Al Kassis
April 29, 2023
Wonderful place, food and servicenBut to be honest, when i went many times i noticed that the ladies on the reception is either doesn't talk to ladies or she gives us the attitude.. we wanted a table there and I called many times she doesn't answer thats one and when we went she told me she answers all the calls, but I saw how many missed calls she had.. anyways very not welcoming, and we went to another place
Michael Gillingham
April 9, 2023
My favourite family restaurant in Qatar! Such good service, consistently fabulous dishes, and we always seem to get a good table outside despite it being busy. Will be back again and again.
Wadad Youssef El Housseini
February 15, 2023
Excellent place. Tasty food. Excellent service. Very nice ambiance.they have one man show... Best Micho....
Anna Gabrielyan
December 18, 2022
It's a nice place in a very good location with delicious food. However in busy times (and at my last visit they were very busy) they won't serve you fast. They are also pretty expensive. Before you go, they'll compliment you, and it would be a very nice compliment. It's really worth a visit.
Watch Party with Marty
December 7, 2022
Great service and great food! I highly recommend it. Sagar was very attentive and professional. Donu2019t miss this happening and delicious place.
Hussain Risha
September 2, 2023
Very friendly staff,nQuality of service is goodnHigh recommend
August 28, 2023
What kind of disrespectful people do you hire as hostess for a restaurant?! The hostess who said her name is Mona came out and saw that i wanted to sit on the outside terrace. I explained we are smokers. She welcomed me and said she will send the waiter outside to assist us and turn the AC on. 10 minutes pass and no one comes. We are waving our hands and no one from inside is looking and there's no staff outside. I get up and go inside upset that no one is assisting us. The waiter comes out apologizing for the delay and then hostess comes running after talking aggressively and saying that anyway they dont serve people outside and she is doing us a favor that she allowed us to sit. I told her i dont want to speak to her anymore because the way she was talking was not polite. Her tone was agrressive and trying to raise higher than my voice. I repeated for her to go inside and not speak with me and she kept talking and threatening and telling us the waiters dont serve people outside. The entire place was empty and now i know why. If you have impolite hostesses, who try to fight with customers instead of seeing their mistake and correcting it. She went out of her way to come to our table and raise her voice and start a fight. I felt bad for the waiter who was calm and trying to assist us and apologized but the hostess was insisting on fighting.nIt's too bad because this place used to be one of our favorite lebanese restaurants. They had a good arabic manager but now it seems they let bad mannered people who have zero customer service training to do whatever they want to customers.
Fadi Kaakour
August 26, 2023
One of the best lebanese cuisine experience in Qatar, the food is authentic, well presented and really delicious. The place is well decorated, & the staff is friendly (one of the best so far in Doha). Trying their daily dishes is a must. A rare to see act in Doha, is the fruit and suites treatment at the end.
Melike Yildiz
August 3, 2023
The first restaurant Iu2019ve been in Doha and it was a nice experience. I loved the dish with meat and cherry sauce below. Kibbeh was great also. The only dish that we regretted to order was the stuffed grape leaves which was too sour and much below average.
Melike Yildiz
August 3, 2023
The first restaurant I’ve been in Doha and it was a nice experience. I loved the dish with meat and cherry sauce below. Kibbeh was great also. The only dish that we regretted to order was the stuffed grape leaves which was too sour and much below average.
Bahaa Monir
September 3, 2023
Nice atmosphere,nFood needs improvement of quality

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