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The world's largest Belgian Café here at InterContinental Doha, with its authentic and inviting décor and an expansive terrace with views over the water and the Doha cityscape, is the ideal spot to unwind after a hard day. Delicious Belgian cuisine, including sizzling mussel pots and hefty frites, is served alongside an exclusive variety of Belgian draught beers.

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Jim Varghese George (JimbyGeorge)
October 8, 2023
Warm and friendly interior and staff, Belgian Café is the perfect place to wind down and relax after a long day. Experience Belgian cuisine like mussel pots, chunky fries, fish & chips served up with a selection of Belgian draught beers. Enjoy spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf and Doha skyline while indulging in a little piece of old Brussels in the heart of Doha.
A.J. Brunetti
September 23, 2023
The Belgian cafe is a great place to wind down after work, they have a smaller menu that’s reminiscent of a pub in the UK; their outdoor seating is perfect in the winter for a night out!
Emran Rashid
September 10, 2023
Excellent atmosphere.. Good staff with hospitality.. Great time spent for chill and relaxing 💞💞
August 17, 2023
Nice place to meet with friends for sundowners or ordinary drinks, or some food. I was there for drinks so don't know about the food, but looked good. The guys behind the bar are friendly and service minded without being pushy. The place I clean and spacious, bright with nice wood interior.
Olivier S
August 13, 2023
Our most visited place in Doha. Amazing beers, great outside terrace with a good view, good food with some good belgium style. Feels like home but with good weather! Quality of service and food increased over the last period. Update: quality of food, drinks and service keeps increasing. Keep it up.
Dhaval Dedhia
July 3, 2023
Great Beers !! Pathetic service..waiters don't know table numbers beers go always in wrong table them go to bar men then go to station holder then goes to one ordered then if you are lucky it comes to you !! Poor trained staff , no knowledge of product they are serving. Must they serve are rancid and I m sure kept open for days and get offal in taste. Waiter move in front of your table but no one notices empty beer glass and then if you are lucky after 15-20 minutes you ask some one for a refill ...I am sure no one cares as they are selling beers and making money !!nnOne of the worst Belgian Beer cafes I have been to... PATHETIC !!
Red Herring
May 5, 2023
Lovely vibe, beautiful pub. Service is TERRIBLE! Be aware that when you call the Belgian Cafe phone number, you are not being put through to the restaurant itself but the hotel reception.nI booked twice and both times, over the phone was told that the kitchen closes at 1am for last food orders, only to find out that the kitchen actually closes at 11.30pm. Not such a huge problem generally but considering the restaurant is fully booked always and requires a reservation which we only got at 10pm, it counts. We ordered a starter and by the time the plate was cleared we were told we could not order a main meal.nnNo one informed us of this at the start. We also had to wait over an hour for a waiter to serve us even though we had booked. We had to get up for our own drinks several times. Very unprofessional. This was our first time here and it was disappointing.nnThere was one waitress who did make a plan and allow us to order from a different restaurant. She was the only saving grace.nnWork on your communication with customers and within your reception and restaurant employees. It is ridiculous that all calls go to reception who say one thing when it isn't true.
Marcelo Tardío
March 19, 2023
Very good place, especially outdoor seating to enjoy an evening, watching football or the live music and having a bear.nI asked a salad and was very good and well prepared. The client service was very good, except to the organizer at the entrance that should have some training for client service, or changed.
Art By Resin Qatar
February 5, 2023
The inside area was pretty full but the bar looked empty. We Enjoyed the food.nWe ordered the calamari and short ribs.nThe drinks were a little pricey and the whiskey came out very small in shot size.nThe service was quick and would go back again. Great for a relaxed and casual pub meal.
chukwudi luiz
December 26, 2022
A great place to hang out with friends and enjoy some quality meals and drinks. The prices are reasonable... Excellent service by Lizzy
Ola Ghzawi
December 5, 2022
The atmosphere is beautiful... Friendly staff.. Outside area is highly recommended... Food is really good bit expensive though... Fun to hangout with friends on weekends
Cmtgcc@gmail.com Cmt
October 8, 2023
Belgian Cafe is a restaurant that offers indoor and outdoor dining. The famous Belgian clam recipe is a customer favorite here.nWe were quickly shown to our reserved table. Taking our order was prompt and the delivery was quick. However, if you were to order something new, it s an issue to find a waiter. Waiters are so busy with large numbers of patrons.nThe drinks were awesome and the cheese plate we ordered was delicious.nI recommend on weeknights.
Shadow LB
October 8, 2023
It is a nice place to chill out from the hot weather and have a nice cold beer . The food was good and the ambiance was amazing . The only issue at the entrance of the caffe they ask for the vaccination card for tourists even though we are staying in the hotel and this has been checked at the lobby of the hotel as well at the airport . Ihtiraz app should be enough but they insist to see the vaccination card .
Malika Sriyaphai
September 15, 2023
As the weather is getting slightly better at night, this is one of the best outdoor place to be chilling at.nGreat food and good beers, what else can you ask for?nAnd thanks to Robin for your fantastic service!
Kee Oon
July 28, 2023
Truly best place to chill out for meal and a few pints of drinks! They serve Belgium beers as main seller, mussels is my favourite and children are allow to dine in with parents. Happy hour up to 6pm. Entertainer voucher applicable for main course.
Regiane Costa Da Hora
July 25, 2023
Great place to eat. The schnitzel is amazing, very tasty! Felix and the staff were friendly and I can't wait to be back. Food and service is great!
Anna Shvets
April 1, 2023
It used to be a nice place and we enjoyed spending time here. Now we come very seldom and each time leaving with bad impression! Service is just horrible. They need a lot of training and improving.nTotally agree with previous comment about the terrible hostess. Stone alike face no smile, just gives you looks. Very unfriendly and unpleasant. Such person just can't work front of the house! And please pay attention to her nails. Disgusting! She is biting them and orange chipped nail polish! Person working in F&B; should have transparent nail polish so it will be obvious the nails are clean.nManager extremely arrogant and doesn't care at all! When the guest complains, the manager should make sure to try to improve the impression and fix the situation, not act indifferent and arrogant.nThere were many examples, waiter brought unopened bottle of beer, how am I supposed to drink it?nWe ordered mussels for take away, they didn't have containers. Then they finally packed them in carton boxes, since the boxes were carton they packed only mussels without sauce and the sauce is the reason why I'm ordering mussels!!! So when next day I wanted to eat them, I found them completely dry and it was impossible to eat them! Even the cheapest restaurants pack the food properly, everything, even the soup. But at Belgian cafe, they don't bother.nI can't remember all the cases now, but yesterday visit really put me off.nWe came during happy hour. So we were ordering drinks, 10 mins before the end waitress informed us happy hour will finish soon and our drinks were NOT included in happy hour!nSo why do you tell it just now? Why the person who took the order didn't inform us about it? It is very easy to say, something like 'by the way we have happy hour maybe you would like to have something from happy hour menu, since your drinks are not included?'nNot a word was said!nWhen we told about it, the manager said, he is working for 2 years and our drinks were NEVER included in happy hour. So does this mean we are lying??!!! We live in Doha 5 years. Ok maybe we are mistaking and it was before, since recently we were coming in the evening not during the happy hour timing. But it doesn't mean they were NEVER included!nHe also said that they are running hundreds of promotions and waiters never talk about them. Everything is in menu.nFirst of all, the structure of menu: first you will see English menu, then Arabic version and only then after Arabic there are promotions. How am I supposed to know about it if the waiters don't talk!! I don't speak Arabic so once I see Arabic text, I think English version is over. That is logical. And what is the sense to run hundreds of secret promotions, if nobody knows about them???? This is not a self-service place. There are waiters and waiters should talk to the guests! However as I said, we were already upset by this case, but even more with the arrogant manager, who doesn't care at all how the guests feel at his place.nNothing to say about solving the problem or improving our impression, he just makes you feel stupid for complaining, instead of taking it into consideration and improving the service! Just doesn't care, that's not the attitude of the manager
Albert Moukhametov
February 1, 2023
In my opinion one of the best pubs in Qatar. The place has a great atmosphere in all 3 areas - it has a full outdoor, a semi outdoor and indoor areas, which is great considering the variation in weather throughout the year. The staff are well trained and responsive, orders normally come in fast. Food tastes great and they have a decent selection - great burgers, fish and chips and other dishes. Beers are reasonably priced (by local standards). Overall I come here quite often and enjoy it every time.
George G
September 14, 2023
I attended on Thursday and the u2018newu2019 rules and lack of attentiveness and service mean this is now a frustrating, unwelcoming, expensive and poor experience. I walked away after 50 minutes spending less than 10% of what I would usually. Belgian needs to up its game and I wonu2019t be going back for a long time.nn***OLD 4 STAR REVIEW***nnProbably the only European feeling u2018Pubu2019 in Doha. Itu2019s a fun place to visit with friends. Food is average/good for a 5* place with special mention for the mussels being tasty but pricey. Nice deck outside.nnMinusu2019 smokey and the furniture is uncomfortable and it can be overly loud

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