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Have you always wondered how people experienced the first crossing to New York? That is possible on the SS Rotterdam! Sleep in one of the 254 cabins and go dining at the ship’s own restaurant.

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pat hum
pat hum
June 27, 2022
The ship is absolutely beautiful. The location is great. The layout is a bit of a maze compared to the more standard hotels. Overall I would highly recommend this hotel.
Ries Berkheij
Ries Berkheij
May 4, 2022
What a great place to visit. Not only is this a 60s time capsule, where you wonder what it would be like being on a cruiser like this, but the whole experience is stunning. Food is good but what struck me the most is that everyone working there is genuinely friendly and helpful! Do not skip this opportunity when visiting Rotterdam.
Dr Win Sutanto
Dr Win Sutanto
February 27, 2022
Everything about this ship is very impressive! A must-visit when you are (or live) in Rotterdam. I actually live within walking distance and therefore have not stayed in the hotel but have frequently enjoyed drinks and lunches/dinners here. Every visit feels like a mini cruise... Highly recommended!
Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson
February 26, 2022
Loved the whole experience, Lido grill serves a good quantity for price charged, you will not leave hungry wanting to go home and eat again. Really good steak, burgers and mocktails. The restaurant staff are dressed ship crew uniforms which was fascinating to watch. Staff are really friendly. The tour inside the ship was an extraordinary experience, especially at the deck. Would love to visit this place again and check out the Bar.
mary sobiechowski
mary sobiechowski
November 16, 2021
Fabulous experience! Amazing vintage decor. Everywhere you look its beautiful. The staff are very attentive and wonderful.nThe food for dinner at the Lido Grill was amazing - the smoked chiken out of this world!nIt is important and fun to take the tour of the ship - you see and learn so much. I look forward to staying again.
Nelly Raue
Nelly Raue
August 19, 2021
Roza Aliyeva
Roza Aliyeva
May 26, 2021
If you've never been on a real ship, then this is a perfect chance for you to do so. It is absolutely free of charge. Might be a good choice if you plan to give a tour for a friend or a family member in Rotterdam. Plus you can also enjoy some restaurants there, but I've never had time for food there yet.
Julieta Lucu00eda Ibarra
Julieta Lucu00eda Ibarra
March 22, 2021
Beautiful ship. Went last December and I wish theyu2019d let us know most areas were closed and they werenu2019t doing any tours when we booked.nIt is really well maintained, with gorgeous views and walking distance from shops. The rooms are spacious, clean and comfy. Will probably come back.
Hermes van Amstel
Hermes van Amstel
February 25, 2021
Very interesting historical cruise ship full of art which was commissioned upon construction in the late 1950s. Now kind of a living museum, permanently parked in Rotterdam and in use as an hotel with comfortable rooms in the former passenger huts. Various restaurants and bars now closed due to Covid but you can still book an hotel room and pickup food from the restaurant.



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