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Each story is always ended by the quote known as ‘believe it or not’. The Ripley's Museum in Amsterdam offers its visitors a journey of discovery through extraordinary, frightening or exciting stories and art objects. The Museum is a tribute to the cartoonist and explorer Mr Robert L. Ripley. He travelled around the world and discovered many strange stories and objects during his unusual adventures.

He decided to start collecting them in his own cabinet of curiosities. His collection started to grow rapidly whereupon he started the Ripleys foundation to ensure that everyone could enjoy his own cabinet of curiosities. 95 years later the collection contains over 25.000 pieces with their own history. His stories and adventures can now be admired in museums and books all over the world.

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Snigdha Bhattacharyya Basak
Snigdha Bhattacharyya Basak
October 2, 2022
A fun place with loads of interesting bits and pieces. We had lots of fun. Can easily spend a minimum of 2-3 hrs to visit all the 3-4 levels inside the building. Worth visiting.
August 15, 2022
I really enjoyed this museum. Really interesting bits and pieces and not too much reading and thinking to it. Just quick interesting bits of information. I particularly enjoyed the ‘pop culture’ section. There were cool art pieces, well worth a look at. Would definitely recommend incorporating this into your visit in Amsterdam.
Plyfa I.
Plyfa I.
July 26, 2022
It's a fun place! I visited Ripley's first time in Thailand a couple years ago when I was younger and I remembered that I liked it and it was fun.nnThey have a lot of things you can see in here and I love the mirror photo on every stairs.nnThe whole building is for Ripley's and you need to check on every floors. On the top floor is a bar or cafe to drink and chill and it was pretty big.nnI didn't spend much time in there because it was a bit busy but I really enjoyed it!
Nolan Naidoo
Nolan Naidoo
April 19, 2022
Interesting setup, if you are a keen fan of the TV series, this place may be abit under whelming if you are keen to see original aged items. Lots of replicas. Though every piece has an interesting story behind it. Be careful of the rotating light tunnel, it'll mak your mind spin around
Rasha Al-Khafaji
Rasha Al-Khafaji
April 9, 2022
An amazing experience! I had so much fun. It is an eye opener to other cultures, history etc. I spent here easily 4 hours because I used time to read as many exhibitions as I could. I went there with my mom and siblings, all adults. We had lots of fun. For me personally, it was worth the time and money.
Mahalakshmi Sivashankar
Mahalakshmi Sivashankar
April 9, 2022
It's a must see place in Amsterdam. There's an underground paid parking facility in a 3 min walking distance. So, better not to waste time looking for a roadside parking. Need to book the tickets online. There's a KFC and McDonald's close by. It's an interesting place to visit for adults and kids. Can easily spend a minimum of 2 hrs to visit all the 3-4 levels inside the building.

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