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Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam

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Meet quintessential Dutch elegance in an intricate maze of 25 connecting Golden Age canal houses. This hidden neighbourhood features intimate guest rooms, tranquil inner gardens, meeting & event spaces, a garden café, a hotel bar and a restaurant that serves simple yet beautifully crafted dishes. Pulitzer Amsterdam is a unique blend of up-market, traditional and modern Dutch craftsmanship hidden amongst the city’s iconic canals.
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July 17, 2022
The location, and design are perfect . but for money I paid, it is not worth it as the room is tiny. The only reason I stayed there is the location. Service was slow.nThey do not serve bottled water as they want to be green, however they have them in the mini bar and restaurant, also the suit for free so If you want to be really green, you should not provide bottled water at all in the property but they are doing it to save money. Not allnpeople are used to drink tap water so you should understand. As five star hotel paying around 700 euro per night, I expect to be treated better than other hotel.
Mark Cooledge
Mark Cooledge
July 16, 2022
The Pulitzer is a lovely hotel in an ideal location. The rooms are comfortable and the service is excellence. You can walk to many places from the hotel. I would give it five stars if not for the poor Concierge service. They gave us bad information (written) that resulted in taking a train to the wrong location. This resulted in extra cost and a lot of lost time. We would have been better off using the advice of Lonely Planets or Google than the Concierge. Otherwise, this hotel is great and I would stay there again.
June 21, 2022
Yes, the hotel is very nice (very much so even) but I do not think that the rooms are all that nice- the TV and view were terrible.nnI'm just much more annoyed that i) the hotel did not tell me I had breakfast included (this would have saved some money but, more importantly, a lot of time) and ii) I ordered room service when I arrived late at night- they ran out of the dessert I ordered but still charged me and didn't tell me until after bringing up my food; they said I could ask the front desk to remove this charge in the AM but I didn't feel like potentially fighting with anyone so I just asked for them to bring up ice cream instead for the same price and received a toddler's cup size of ice cream which only annoyed me further.nn"OK" (i.e. 2 stars) best describes my experience.
Krystian Kamyk
Krystian Kamyk
June 17, 2022
Iu2019d you like purely esthetics this may be a hotel for you (beautiful with nice garden, etc.), for me itu2019s 1/5 because the quality of operations is none. You ask for an iron and cannot get it for a day, you organize an event and they get you super slow coffee machines of very low quality, the cleaning service is slow and leaves the minibar not refilled as well as a dirty rug in your luggage, you ask for a late checkout and they donu2019t offer it because there is a big group of people leaving (despite 80% are leaving in the morning so even if you wanted as a hotel you wonu2019t clean all the rooms and that would be a perfect day for a late checkout). The rooms are very small and full of useless furniture (big tables, big sofas, etc). Therefore if you focus on hotel services quality, avoid it - many nicer hotels are available nearby.
Elizabeth Glen Bentley
Elizabeth Glen Bentley
June 11, 2022
What an extraordinary quality hotel! Unusual in every way. Imagine dining indoors that is built as if you're in an outside garden with trees and beautifully groomed authentic flower bushes!!!! Staff around are professional and friendly.nTake a look to understand real quality.



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