The creation of  Papabubble is a small fairy tale. Dominik and Marieke left for Barcelona in 2003 to escape reality for a while. large careers awaited them, as architects and communication experts, but there was suddenly the world of candy. Australian friends opened their first Papabubble shop in the Spanish city and the candy virus struck. with the help of the founders and an extra push by winning the Marie Claire starter award 2004, the first Papabubble in Amsterdam was a fact in 2005. a dream come true and hopefully will continue for a long time to come.

not only the candy but also the atmosphere in the shop fascinated Marie and Dominik at the time. the international character and the love for the perfect candy they brought to the Netherlands. you will hear many languages in the workplace, which makes making candy an even bigger party. this, combined with fine music, your own style of clothing and a shared fascination for the art of sugar, promises that Papabubble Amsterdam will make the most beautiful sweets in the world, full of love.