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Stara Hamburgo is a modern and classy hotel situated in the core of Mexico City. Stara Boutique Hotel Hamburgo is a unique boutique hotel that is just a few steps away from some of the famous landmarks of Mexico City such as the Angel of Independence monument, Z—calo square and Chapultepec Park. Providing a perfect mix of value, luxury and convenience, the hotel offers relaxed suites with modern vibe facilities. Whether a business or family trip, Stara Hamburgo boutique hotel provides exclusive amenities where you can enjoy a variety of restaurants with national and international cuisine, spaces for events and meetings, a business center, a gym, a spa, and more.

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Andrew Ness
May 1, 2023
Unsafe. Room phone didn't work, air conditioner is a portable unit that requires the sliding glass door to be left open, exposing the room to people coming in from outside. Door has no peephole.nThe staircases are dangerous add they have steps at angles in the landings and since they are white it's hard to see them. I fell and could have broken through the glass barrier and fallen 3 storiesnThey called us a taxi but it wasn't legit. The driver ran at least 3 red lights and drove crazy (and I am used to Mexico City standards - this was extreme). The car was worn out and the check engine light was on.nnThe AC was also very loud and leaked water and had a long extension cord taped to the ground that was a trip hazard.nnThe bed made a lot of noise.nnThe blinds let a lot of light in. They should be blackout blindsnnSome electrical outlets didn’t worknnThe shower door won't stay closed so water leaks out the back onto the floor.nnOur keys kept breaking and had to be replaced multiple times.nnThe Wi-Fi was unreliable - fast at times but slow or unavailable at others.nnThe shower was cold even at 11:30pm!
Kalyani Agnihotri
March 1, 2023
Excellent rooms, service and great roof top cafe. We initially booked this place because of their bistro cafe on the ground floor as it looked lovely in photos with the historic brick wall. It was unfortunately closed due to COVID restrictions. Hopefully next time it’s open! The hotel is at a great location, close to transit, downtown and restaurants.
Leslie V
Leslie V
November 27, 2023
There were no outlets near the bed to charge your phone which seems outrageous for the price (>$400 USD/night)
Hattan B
Hattan B
November 21, 2023
Service unfortunately needs improvementnnHelp desk reception needs more customer service and attention skills
Parmissy B.
November 21, 2023
The location, the hotel and the safe neighborhood are definitely a big point about this hotel. I did however encounter a few issues which is a disappointment considering that you are booking a 4 star hotel. Let’s start with cleanses we had booked an executive suite room and when we arrive we find hairs in the bed, in the shower and next to the toilette. The bed sheet were not clean and were kind of smelling (pictures attached), so I raised a complain asking them to kindly do a deep cleaning while we are out , came back with hair again in the bathroom. To me this is the worst and will be a reason of not visit the hotel again. On top of all we had booked the room for 3 nights we had however visa issue hence we were not able to use one of the nights, I called first thing the hotel which was at 5 AM local time then again at 9 AM to speak with an English speaker and informed about the situation and confirmed that we will 100% still come for the remaining 2 days - they were not even 1% accommodative they said we will charge you for the no show day - to me no matter what your policy is there is an human aspect that needs to be taken into consideration we had proof from the airline about visa issue etc so making us pay full one night it’s not a usual Behavior of a 4 star hotel . It’s a shame to own a 4 star but behind the scene not comply with it requirements. Thank you
September 25, 2023
The upside:nthe location is excellent, the street, and neighborhood are lined with beautiful trees, and quiet. The bed is comfortable, the balcony is nice, breakfast is included,, they provide robes.nnThe downside:nBedroom fan did not work, there was nothing in the mini bar, the binder that would typically have hotel/local info was open, but empty, there are no hand towels or wash cloths. After housekeeping came, we had no toilet paper, we had to call for it, we were not informed of breakfast. We found out through reviews. Was quite surprised there was no coffee maker in the room, and lastly, the balcony has no seating, so my partner and I took turns sitting on the desk chair we took outside. I feel there's not a lot of communication, or attention to detail.
Paul M
May 25, 2023
SERIOUS ISSUES - AVOID. I booked and prepaid the hotel through Expedia. Upon arrival at the Hotel, the staff had my booking reference but claimed Expedia had not paid them, and made me pay for the room a second time. I have since called Expedia on a weekly basis over a month and a half to get this resolved. Expedia says they are unable to reach the hotel, as it is *not responding* to any of their emails, and the hotel manager wont talk to them. Based on the advice of my local travel regulatory agency, the only recourse will be to file a claim in small claims court in order to get a refund.
March 21, 2023
I wouldn’t stay here again.nnPros:n- Large rooms (that’s it)nnCons:n- Room wasn’t properly cleaned prior to check-in. There were crumbs on the floor and the mini fridge had missing items.n- AC wasn’t properly connected and the room was extremely hot at night.nnIt also seemed like the receptionist/concierge was never around. The only helpful person was Mario, the head of security.
Aysenur Nacar
January 15, 2023
Oh my!! Even the "smallest" rooms were huge, beautifully designed. The room service was amazing but the staff... was just exceptional!!🤍 The neighbourhood is very safe as well, we were comfortable walking around at night.
Kaya H
September 23, 2023
Very stylish boutique hotel walking distance to everything. Room was huge! The breakfast and margaritas were great! The staff was very attentive! I really enjoyed my stay.

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