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Come and explore the sea-world from one of the largest aquariums in Latin America that hold 1.6 million liters of water. Acuario Inbursa is the largest aquarium located in the heart of Mexico City. This amazing aquarium is featured with 3000 animals of 230 different species on display in 48 exhibits and the majority of the aquarium is located underground. Experience the unique opportunity to walk along the ocean floor and see the amazing marine animals through protected glass hallways.

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March 28, 2023
Great aquarium. The layout was pretty cohesive, and the tanks were very pretty. I would definitely recommend anyone to visit this aquarium, if they're looking for a beautiful, informative, and interactive experience for a relatively cheap price point (in comparison to certain other aquariums).nIf you go, definitely check out the other part of the aquarium which is located in the mall, about a minute away from the main building. It has quite a few other exhibits, and a couple interactive experiences.
March 13, 2023
Very helpful and friendly staff the place is a bit smelly, they need to put AC or any kind of ventilation as is very hot sometimes. With the same ticket, you have the opportunity to visit another museum across the street. Is very central and good option to spend the day with the family.
Agung Nur Cahyono
December 11, 2022
Nice place to introduce the marine life to your children. The admission is MX 260 and I suggest to buy it online to avoid the queue. The ticket is for acuario inbursa and acuario interactivo that is located in Plaza Carzo, next to Soumaya Museum
Angel Aguilar
October 18, 2023
It was amazing, love it, one of the best aquariums that I ever seen, the only drawback was the informative screens, very confusing since its just one feed for all of them instead per container
August 16, 2023
It’s an okay location. There is a nice view of different fish. I do wonder if the penguins for example are kept in a decent condition. Considering the window was dirty and also didn’t seem too cold. As well, the crocodile seemed like it was in too small of a place. Felt bad after going tbh.
Taj Meadows
Taj Meadows
July 30, 2023
The kids really love coming here. It’s not a mind blowing massive aquarium, but for a city center space they do a good job with it. It can get super crowded if you come later in the day on a weekend, sometimes so much so that it’s just not worth coming. For whatever time you go, would recommend buying tickets in advance online as it makes things quicker
Tropic Buddha Yoga
July 25, 2023
Foreign Visitors! Save your money and your time! Not worth it. System was down, they kept us waiting for more than one hour outside, without telling anyone what the problem was. Finally after waiting for ever we got it and the place doesnu2019t have the proper lighting, no AC working, fish tanks are cloudy and dirty. The place was absolutely packed! Never again!
Mayur Manjunathaiah
May 30, 2023
The place is good for visiting if you are interested in watching different aqua species. The 2 aged huge turtles are splendid to watch at..however the aquariums can be kept a little more cleaner and better.
Carlos Moreno
May 3, 2023
It is the second time I visit the aquarium. As always the bottom floor and most of the tanks and animals are breathtaking. However, in the last fish exhibit I saw a fish that was noticeably in pain. It was in a corner of the tank, not swimming and was upside down moving its mouth and gills in an effort to breathe. I am no fish expert but it was a hard thing to watch, specially when those animals are all locked up
Andrea Gregor
Andrea Gregor
May 1, 2023
I really loved going, but I had a feeling of sadness to see animals that are not where they belong in their habitat.nnBut I got to see so many species like piranhas, eels, jellyfish, crabs, sharks, turtles, sea urchins, starfish, snakes, iguanas, and much more. What I loved to see the most were the eels, ajolotes and seahorses.nnThe aquarium has one where you see the fish and another where you can touch them interactively. It also has a store where you can buy things to remember. Highly recommended.
Noelia Cruz
January 26, 2023
It was nice, but the whole facility is smaller than expected and not really sure the animals are in the best living conditions. They have friendly staff in every area, willing to explain and answer questions~
Marxel Nev
January 20, 2023
It's a fun place for kids to visit. Don't forget that the ticket covers the aquarium interactive too, which is behind the Soumaya Museum.
Sean Theriac
November 28, 2022
I toured the facility during the VIP Sessions, days before it opened. It was amazing how the aquariums are all below ground. I was very Impressed by the jellyfish displays. Itu2019s conveniently located directly across the street from Carlos Slims Museo Sumaya. Unlike the aquarium, There is not entry fee into that Museum , so be sure you donu2019t miss out on that. It is truly amazing !!!
Kai Kuusik-Greenbaum
November 7, 2023
Not impressed. 250 pesos - adult and child. I was expecting way more from this place. More fish, more tortoise, more sealife. It was rather sad sight for me. Similar place in Finland, Helsinki is way better. Even the goodies shop in the end could offer a little more, not just different animal teddies - t-shirts with the tortoise or sharks from the Acuario would be awesome. At the moment not too many things and kind of a sad sight.
Samuel Waguespack
August 25, 2023
Our kids (6 & 3) loved this outing. It is relatively small, which was not a bad thing for such small kids. The spaces were well kept and the animals looked taken care of. Would suggest going during the week in order to avoid larger crowds.

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