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Dunia Fantasi Theme Park

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Dufan or Dunia Fantasi is the biggest and most attractive entertainment venue in Jakarta. Dunia Fantasi which is usually abbreviated as Dufan, which is located in the Ancol Taman Impian area, North Jakarta, is a recreational destination for residents of Jakarta and outside the city of Jakarta, both for families or young people.

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Sifera Feriskila
Sifera Feriskila
September 8, 2023
The largest amusement park in Jakarta and still become favourite destination for local and foreigner tourist. The rides work well but during weekend the queue is exhausting. We have to spend more than 60 minutes for each ride.
Abu Fauzan
Abu Fauzan
August 3, 2023
A great day to spend with family. Games, food, adventures, and all happiness. But better to visit dufan in weekdays co it's not that crowded, easy to find a parking lot, and no long lines to wait.
vivia wen
vivia wen
July 7, 2023
very fun, and enjoyed it a lot. be prepared for an exhausting time when walking and waiting for your turn, or purchase a special card to be able to go without waiting. it would be much better if they provide more trash bins around the park, as well as more clean toilets and navigation guiders! building a shelter as protection from the sun while waiting for our turns in a ride would also be nicer.
Eri Cahyono
July 2, 2023
Most favorite amusement park in Jakarta. They offer annual pass ticket, if you have plan to visit here more than one in a year, it’s recommended to buy the annual pass ticket. Make sure to come early if you want to buy fast track access due to limited only for 300 ticket each day. You can also enjoy Dufan at night every 24 and 25 each month.
Swastika Nohara
Swastika Nohara
June 21, 2023
Fun rides all day long, but the queue is very long. Dirty toilets.nWe spent 2 hours just standing in line for HISTERIA rides. Total we managed only get on 5 rides for the whole day. Some rides are over 30 years old, they look rusty and rickety.nnAnd the toilets were dirty! Dufan management, please clean your toilets every 2 hours, especially during holiday season when there are many visitors.
Yudho Ardi
February 10, 2023
Many rides are not well maintained. Starting from the paint that has started to fade and peel, to the rides that are closed. The place is spacious. If you want to try all the rides, it's better to come early or buy a VIP ticket. I say this because there is quite a long queue for each ride on the weekend.
Rashinthya Dharmasiri
January 5, 2023
one of my favourite place in my journey list. There are a lot of very fun sports out there. The boat ride over the dinosaurs is fascinating. It has roller coasters, marigolds, boat rides and more.It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to visit that place.
Fauzan Illavi
December 12, 2022
Totally a thrilling place to have fun. My top 3 favorite attractions that are Kora-Kora, Roller coaster, and Tornado. I did not have the chance to try the Hysteria during the pandemic and did not have the gut to try the Baling-Baling ud83dude05 Wear something cool during your visit or you'll be sweaty as hell because it is totally hot. Come at the earliest time as possible around 10 a.m. when Dufan opens to get a maximal time here.
Laurensia HS
Laurensia HS
November 21, 2023
Finally visiting Dufan again! It's a little crowded as usual because I went there on weekend. But the regulation on this pandemic situation are great ud83dudc4d you'll see a lot of yellow box to stand so it will keep your distance from another. But there was only half of the attraction that we can enjoy. Hopefully it will be adding soon!!u263aufe0f
Yoana Susilo
Yoana Susilo
October 30, 2023
Been more than 2 years we visited this amusement park. Kids so happy although not all rides open. The reservation system is a good solution to control the crowd. But if possible add more cover around each ride so people that queue feel more comfortable. It was a very sunny day and not all queue area get shades from surrounding trees.
Jovian Sandero
Jovian Sandero
December 15, 2022
Its fun to be here.nnNote that some facilities only open on certain days, better to go weekend as all facilities are open but the queue may be long.nnIf you have an online pass, make sure to register online via their web, just google it to find out how or you can ask for instruction on site. Registration takes only 5-10minutes and requires email

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