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KidZania is an award-winning concept recognized worldwide. It was first established in 1996 in Mexico, Monterrey as the first edutainment park for children. KidZania is designed as a real city to provide the ultimate role-playing opportunities for kids from the age of two to fourteen.

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Shanna Darwish
Shanna Darwish
August 8, 2023
We just visited Kidzania for the third time. The first few visits were years ago when they first opened. It is an amazing concept and as an educator and parent, I appreciate how much children can learn from the experience. I hesitated to rate four stars instead of five, but we were disappointed that so many activities were closed during our visit and that other activities ran out of supplies, like Coke and Temmy’s Cereal. I would still recommend visiting, especially if your children are under 11 or 12 years old.
Sam Jawad
Sam Jawad
July 7, 2023
A great experience for the kids, an amazing place to spend a full day with your children and see their joy.. where kids get to play different roles/jobs and get payed for it (kidzonian currency) , for example baking, Delivering for DHL, making reports for a news paper, painting, getting a driving license then drive, ER room, and more ..nIt requires minimum 5 hours, everything is organized, the staff are very friendly and well trained..nIt's not suitable for children younger than 3 years old.
jamila bassa
jamila bassa
April 1, 2023
Not from this country so was a novelty for us. Kids had the best time. Important to time your visit to not coincide with school excursions. Expect to wait for over half an hour or more for each section. After 2 it gets quiet. Never thought we'd use up all 5 hours but kids could have used the 8 hour tickets. Wear comfortable shoes.
Gun Pay
Gun Pay
December 25, 2022
KidZania is like a world or a city build for children. Its a theme park. Children are doing activities like they are living in a real life. They are acting like policemen, doctors, fire fighters, bankers, cashiers, builders etc.. They are learning how to work as elders. Also they are making their own burgers, pizzas, cookies, chocolates... The entrance fee is 75 Egp for elders, 295 egp for children 4-14 years, for 4 hours. You can extend the time if you want. It is very fun place for children. But for elders, there are not very sitting place when waiting their children. Needs some rest places..
Ahmed Assem
December 4, 2022
Very interesting place with loads of activities to childrennPrice for the kid is 225 EGP for 4 hours and 275 EGP for 6 hours, and for parents cost 50 EGP.nIt have small factories that explain to children the manufacture process of daily used products.nRecommended for children above 6 years old, below this age they will not have fun.

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