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We care for every single piece of sushi on our platters. That's why every piece can tell a story of love.

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Omar El Ghobary
Omar El Ghobary
October 8, 2023
Great variety and service, taste and roll size didn't change like other brands did
Omar Sherif
August 14, 2023
Friendly staff and a great menu with a variety of options, if it's your first time to try sushi ask the staff for recommendations
Sheri George
August 9, 2023
The sushi was good , but the service wasnt the best we were a gang of 6 ,the store is divided into two parts , air conditioned and open air , they didnt want to add two table together in the air conditioned area and gave us a small table and a big table , we were annoyed , the order took a while to come , but the sushi was great ,
Ammar Zietoon
August 6, 2023
My wife, daughter and sisters ordered a plate of salmon and rice, and they also ordered sushi. The person who took the order from them did not order it. We were surprised that they only went for sushi and did not make salmon or rice, and my daughter and my wife stayed hungry and the restaurant did not even serve them any meal for there mistake.
Mostafa Tarek
Mostafa Tarek
July 16, 2023
A good cozy place for a winter suchi dinner.nFriendly Staff.nnHowever, it's Unfortunately a Crowded narrow place.
Maryam Obaida
July 9, 2023
I'm a regular customer for this place for more than 5 years now, the food is still amazing, and the offers and the prices are decent.nBut their service is getting worse and worse by the year, they don't care that much on making a new customer or even keeping their old ones.
Joe Roman
July 9, 2023
This was the first dine in at Koi and probably the last; Despite the Food was great, I have to admit that the staff lacks customer service! Very very unprofessional and terribly not trying hard enough to impress their clients.nn1. Music is too loud, ask them to lower the volume, its only us and another table dining in. They indeed lower the volume and then 2 minutes later they higher it again.nn2. Sitting in the u201coutdoor balconyu201d table, the people behind us left. Instead of lifting the chairs and tables gently, they grind them on the floor to make a very disturbing noise. I turn my head and look at him, he stands there wondering u201c why am I looking at him u201c. And then when the waiter started cleaning the floor, he starts grinding one chair after the other in contact with the floor to make the same squeaky disturbing noise. Thatu2019s when I requested u201c could you kindly and gently lift up the chairs?u201dnn3. Last but not least, after the waiter put down our platter and chop sticks, we needed separate plates, so I asked him for 2 separate plates. After grabbing them along with a take outu2019s Check, the waiter was literally 1 meter away from our table, decides to go back to the counter to check with his assistant the misunderstanding that occurred in the customeru2019s check. And I guess itu2019s very professional to keep the customer waiting for 2 plates until his highness solves the misunderstanding in the check.nnThat moment I just couldnu2019t hold my temper anymore, I walked upfront to both waiters and requested to give me the plates so I can eat, his answer was simply :nu0627u0646u0627 u0628u062eu0644u0635 u062du0627u062cu0629 u0648 u0647u062cu064au0628 u0644u062du0636u0631u062au0643 u0627u0644u0627u0637u0628u0627u0642.nnAnd then my answer was : Iu2019m not supposed to wait for you so I can start eating, he stood there, instead of apologizing, he bluntly said " u0627u0646u0627 u0643u0646u062a u062cu064a u0644u062du0636u0631u062au0643 "nnI have never seen an inferior customer service than I have today!nnOh and to add another note, they have only one menu that has photos of the sections they serve. If youu2019re not familiar with the rolls, youu2019d have to wait till the table with the one menu finishes ordering :) Cheers guys!
Yomna yasser
June 21, 2023
The place is very small and crowded with other kitchens serving the same dining area.nnSushi isn’t so good. The rolls are inconsistent in size and cut in various thicknesses. The rice is very watery and sticky more than it should be.nWasabi’s quality is low and its taste isn’t strong.nnEach Sunday they have an offer (buy one roll get one free). Don’t go in the offer day as the quality worsens and you may get rolls different from the ones you ordered.
Ahmad Hamido
June 20, 2023
The place is crowded and the music is so loud.nThe guy who was doing the reservation was unprofessional.nnWhen we entered the waiter was friendly and helpful.nnThe quality of sushi is average, but some rolls were tasty.nnOut of 7 types of rolls, 2 only were remarkable, 3 were average and 2 below average.nnSunday offer makes a good saving and gives them the privilege of good pricing.

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