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Sport and Tours is a company based in Haarlem, delivering quality services in outdoor sport activities, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), Windsurf, Biking, Kayak and Hiking. We operate mostly in and arond Haarlem and Amsterdam. We provide our customers the equipment and the expertise of professional instructors and athletes.

Sport and Tours is managed by Claudio Duran and Paolo Iodice. They both share a strong connection to sports and outdoor activities, as well as towards nature and water.

Claudio is a SUP athlete, who has competed 6 years in different locations worldwide and participated in the 2019 and 2020 edition of SUP 11 SUP City Tour. Since this year, he is Mistral team rider competing in the 2021 European tour and the Dutch national championships.

Paolo is an ASI-certified SUP instructor, NLP practitioner and a mental coach. He was a professional windsurfer in the 80s and he is now competing as Master athlete in both disciplines.

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