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Bogotá is the sprawling, high altitude capital of Colombia. La Candelaria, its cobblestone core, houses colonial-era landmarks such as the Teatro Colón neoclassical performance hall and the Iglesia de San Francisco from the 17th century. It is also home to famous museums, including the Botero Museum, which exhibits the art of Fernando Botero, and the Oro Museum, which displays pre-Columbian gold.


Cartagena is a port town on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. By the sea is the walled Old Town with squares, cobblestone streets and colourful colonial houses, built in the 16th century. The town is also a popular beach destination, with a tropical climate. Isla de Barú, with white-sand beaches and palm trees, and the Islas del Rosario, famed for its coral reefs, are within reach by sea.

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